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JAMAICA: Pirates and Corsairs

Jamaica Island: pirates and privateers protected by England

The island of Jamaica

English privateers

Discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1494.

Spain, being well established in the largest islands in the area, Cuba, and Puerto Rico Spanish, not considered so important.

She only kept a small group of soldiers, rather testimonial form.


Island Jamaica

The British attempt to conquer the island of Spanish (1655)

Being defeated being slaughtered, they take over Jamaica

It's been 150 years of Spanish presence in America and signs of weakness are. Moreover they have also been 80 years since the disaster of the Great Armada against England. The British believe that now there is a progressive decline of the Spanish Crown, and that weakened can no longer prevent their conquering Caribbean islands.

Oliver Cromwell informed of the vulnerability of the Spanish colony of America, decides to declare war on Spain. But before sending the navy ships, intending to occupy territories before the declaration of war. In 1654 an expedition leaves England with the purpose of invading the island of the Spanish. Issuing up 18 warships, 20 merchant ships and 3,000 men. Heading the expedition Admiral William Penn and Robert Venables.

On arrival to the Caribbean, gathered in Barbados islands also hire boats and filibusters. In all, get an army of more than 50 ships and 12,000 men.

They are presented in Spanish, but the bad weather to disembark about kms. The city of Santo Domingo and this alert is the military garrison about 300 men prepared and neighbors are armed, to attack fronts. Upon reaching the British through the jungle, five days later, they are waiting, ambushed and defeated, suffering a massacre. Decimated, fleeing in retreat in the jungle, they decide to board and leave the island.

In the English defeat in the Spanish occupying Jamaica

An island without interest to Spain

They can not return to England that way, defeated and decimated. The expenses of the expedition have been very large. The defeat was all too evident.

Having failed with such expedition, they decide to try their luck and invade other Caribbean island, choosing the island of Jamaica. An island without interest to Spain, and defended by a small garrison.

They get easily take the island, and turn from that moment, his main base in the Caribbean.


Nest and refuge of privateers and pirates

They hired buccaneers to make sure the defense of the island

England still did not have a large army, as it would get a century later. Seeing that they could not stay on the island, they supported and hired filibusters. The only condition was to be ready to attack Spanish possessions.

They gave carte blanche to anyone who could finance an expedition. Thus becoming the filibusters in the service of England Corsairs.

Jamaica is enriched with piracy

Maintaining Jamaica was financed Piracy as it was not self-sufficient

Although the number of settlers grew, and the cultivation of sugar cane produced benefits, these were not enough. They decided that the most effective way to stay on the island, was to support piracy.

Pirates during more than 60 years, would have a secure base where aprovisionarían and nobody would attack them in exchange for a part of his team.


England not enough navy war

Initiated several wars

England to see the beginning of the decline of Spain, aspires to take his place.

He is involved along with France and the Netherlands, in a series of wars, but do not have enough navy to defend its recent colony in the Caribbean, the island of Jamaica.

War against the Netherlands (1665)

England against the Dutch.

In Jamaica they named privateers, to attack the colonies and Dutch ships

War against France (1666)

England against the French

Filibusters Tortuga Island is hired to attack the French ships and their colonies.

England against Spain, France, and Holland. (1666)

Jamaica maintained its independence thanks to the protection of privateers and freebooters

The governor of the island, Sir Modyford found himself facing the three countries, by successive declarations of war from England. But he had no military resources to address them.

Get attract to their side the corsairs and freebooters, with concession agreements makes a haven protected by England and provisioning. As a result able to maintain the island held by England


Island of Jamaica (1660-1685) pirate territory

Spain lost over 250 ships and suffered numerous raids on their colonies

Spain not only lost over 250 and other merchant ships during this period. He also suffered the scourge of pirate expeditions, that based on the island, sometimes gathered thousands of hackers.

It is estimated that only attacks colonies, cost the Spanish Crown losses worth over 60 million crowns. All this wealth further eased England's rise over time, as a world power, and accelerated the decline of Spain.

For this reason many colonies and villages were looted. Even cities the size of Portobello (15 ships attacked by pirates 500 and more), and Panama (attacked by 36 ships and more than 2,000 pirated) that were looted and destroyed.

Pirate attacks that enriched England.

A basis for not always declared war

Although during this period of the history of the Caribbean, there were peace treaties between Spain and England. The reality was that both peacetime and war between the two countries, the action did not stop pirates and privateers.

For England was their stronghold in the Caribbean Sea and foothold for expansion in North America. And the economic benefits were very important.



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