The golden age of the Pirates

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What were the Pirates, Corsairs, buccaneers, filibusters?

Not everything was the work of pirates: Which European countries pursued and supported them?

An unfair share of the New World and the ambitions of other countries:

The covert war in England, France, Holland. All against Spain!

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Pirates: From rags to riches

Golden dream of European

All European dreamed of the riches of the New World.

And so the common people, as aspiring lords, made their plans to get rich easily.

Some financed expeditions, others embarked on them, but there were many who left for the New World.

The new marine had to live very miserably to want to embark on land, with the risks involved. In many of the cases he brought her to death in the sea. Only the dream of the relatively rapid wealth, encouraged them.

Why ?: In many pirates poverty, the dream of boarding a Spanish Galleon

The dream to board a Spanish galleon

It was exceptional catch some galleon

Easily they managed to capture merchant ships that used to sailing alone. But in practice capturing a gold galleon was almost a dream, only a small part of the Spanish galleons with gold were captured, since the rule was that navegasen in convoys heavily escorted by warships.

Galleons that captured pirates were usually availing of deception and surprise. Very few dared to attack against a Spanish galleon war, armed with powerful guns and nearly 150 professionals on board musketeers. When a pirate ship was usually smaller as it used to have a crew of about 50 men at most.

Unless in naval battles, with real armies and pirates, catches of large ships were important exceptions, for over two centuries.

Spain and Portugal are divided America

Treaty of Tordesillas: Spanish Monopoly

The division of America between Spain and Portugal in the Treaty of Tordesillas, made the rest of Europe, would remain independent of the lands and riches of the New World.

The incorporation of Portugal to the Spanish Crown created a total control of Spain on America.

The support of the Church of Rome to Spain, justified the allocation of America. Especially during the papacy of Alexander VI, and the Borgias.

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Europe at odds with Spain

They fear their power to annex Portugal

All Europe saw a dim that deal. They were in total disagreement with the Church of Rome and Spain. To top Portugal, for a time I passed into the hands of the Spanish Crown, incorporating thus its fleet and all its colonies. Thus it is controlling not only the colonies and hiking America but also in Africa and Asia.

There was also a religious background between northern European Protestantism and Catholicism south. Hence the burning of churches in the colonies to be mugged.

However feared Might Spanish and preferred not to confront him directly. For 200 years this policy of undeclared war, until the Spanish power declined, while they fought and weakened with the privateers and pirates remained.

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Undeclared war

England and France are outside of America

Some European countries such as France or England to be less decided to bring a war of attrition, without declaring war on Spain that could invade.

The power of the Spanish Navy and Army at that time was such that all countries avoided direct confrontation with it.

However coveted the riches of the New World, and tried to get them without facing directly to Spain.

That is why England, France and Holland led and supported numerous privateers, as well as undermine the Spanish power, gave them part of the wealth of America.

England, France and Holland

Each country encourages, supports and sends his Corsairs

Thus Elizabeth I was enriched by the successes of Corsair Sir Francis Drake, and reward him and other pirates were named Knights.

In France, Francis I did the same, and supported its privateers like Jean Florin, who had captured the galleon with a fabulous treasure.

Netherlands through India Company, both sought ways to settle in America, as to attack Spanish ships and possessions. William of Orange also organized pirates and seamen, to fight against Spain and achieve independence from the Netherlands.

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Selecting the world of Pirates and Corsairs

Cast Caribbean after 150 years of Spanish Control

Madrid treaty distributes crumbs between England and France

The Treaty of Madrid, allowed a small part of the Caribbean passed into the hands of English and French.

They established colonies, soon their support became nests of pirates and privateers.

Thanks to the support given by England and France to the pirates and privateers, possessed secure bases where provisioned and repair their boats.

These pirates and privateers were the scourge of the coast of America for 200 years.

They forced the Spaniards to fortify the major colonies. Fortifications such as Puerto Rico or Cartagena de Indias, can still be seen today as examples of military architecture.

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