The golden age of the Pirates

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Who were the Pirates, Privateers, Buccaneers, Freebooter?

Where did they come from?

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Situation of poverty in Europe

America, the hope of criminals, slaves and desperate

Continuous wars that ravaged Europe for centuries, made much of the population pass hunger and great hardship. The discovery of America, with its great wealth, and a whole new world to explore was a hope for this population. 

The Pirates Who ?: seeking wealth at any cost

The Pirates sought riches quickly

Islands and Treasures

They were looking for the easiest way to get rich ones and others survive as outside.

The Pirates with their boats and their paradise islands, along with gold and silver treasures would be associated forever and some of them buried by the islands of the Caribbean Sea.

Given a miserable life in Europe and a possible life with riches, a whole stream of adventurers followed the premise of "a short but fulfilling life." And they sailed to America, despite the horrific conditions of life aboard a ship sailing by the Sea

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Sea ​​robbers

They dreamed of boarding a boat

There have always been pirates, but trade with America and the opening of new routes across the entire planet known favored further their number.

Thieves, adventurers, runaway slaves, etc. were launched to sea in search of the huge ships laden with treasures and exotic products. Capturing especially large ships returning from America or Asia was the dream of all the pirates.

A majestic ships sometimes showing all their wealth even in the ornamentation of their sterns, sailed the seas monitored by pirates.

French Caribbean

France tries to colonize

FRANCE: The capture by Jean Frorin Spanish Galleon with the treasure of Montezuma, made many French wanted to emulate his feat. Be easily enriched with a lucky approach was his dream. Many French take their boats to travel to the Caribbean.

A group of mostly French adventurers on the island of Spanish is installed. Initially they were dedicated to hunting wild boars, pigs and cattle living in freedom. Smoked meat prepared for sale to the galleons.

But the expulsion of these by the Spaniards, made of them was under piracy, pirates or privateers well as the Caribbean.

Mapa de Jamaica

English from Jamaica and Bahamas

England is hold

ENGLAND: Drake's exploits with the capture of Galleon Pacific and its fabulous treasure, created thousands of imitators who went on several expeditions to the Caribbean.

The island of Jamaica administered by England, admitted to anyone pirate or not, to help in the fight against Spanish sovereignty in the Caribbean. Giving protection, and becoming its capital Port Royal, in a real nest of pirates, with their boats to protect the island.

Dutch in the Netherlands

Netherlands want factories

HOLLAND: I had suffered from the Spanish occupation. Al grudge against Spain joined commercial interests. They started with smuggling and later installing factories. They also became privateers.

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The establishment of British, French and Dutch colonies, were seized by pirates as repair centers and supplies for their ships. And where were preparing to attack the galleons.



Selecting the world of Pirates and Corsairs

Marine force

Marine on duty

It is said that life aboard a boat that time was almost like being in a prison by such miserable conditions in which they lived and died.

Overcrowding of many people in the small surface of the boat, lack of sanitation and hygiene, poor and monotonous food when there was rationing in case of shortage etc. And all excessive and cruel discipline.

Keep in mind that most of the sailors were recruited by force. Therefore terror applied to prevent riots.

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Subhuman conditions, corporal punishment is continuously given. It was the only way to maintain order and discipline.

No wonder, that if a ship was captured by pirates, some of the crew to join them as they improved their living conditions, albeit over a period of time.

Of honest sailors pirates

Forced recruitment

In some countries, especially in England, the hardness of marine life and the many dangers of the sea to which scarce, to man and maintain marine vessels. This was sorted with the abduction of young people in the seaports. This conscription became many young sailors by the carelessness of a night out in taverns port.

Many had to dedicate his life to sea duty. They began their relationship with the sea to wake up on a ship at sea without possibility of re-visiting their long time if ever.

At other times people fleeing from the abuses of the nobles in the field and harsh living conditions at sea saw a way out of their problems, which turned out much worse than expected.

The conditions in which they lived on these boats, lack of freedom, constant punishment, poor and insufficient food, were continually thinking of fleeing and life changing. So many became pirates to see the benefits of that life.
The pirates knowledgeable of all this, the hold of a ship crew recruited from the stronger and able seamen to replace their losses in collisions.



Not only the living conditions, induced to become Pirate.

All kinds of criminals and foreign friends, attracted by the countless fabulous treasures news, and an easier life dared to embark on a pirate vessel.

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Prosecuted, signed up with the Navy, or any vessel, to avoid it. And since there was always difficulty completing crews were easily admitted on board.

Fugitives and African slaves

Slave to Pirates

A lot of Africans were brought to America to work on plantations all that was there.

Despite the efforts of some members of the Church, to improve the lives of slaves, conditions were horrific. At a time when it is still debated whether Africans had souls, it was normal not treat them as people.

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The slaves who managed to flee, only had the ability to hide in remote places and live in squalid conditions, or become pirates.

By becoming pirates in life on a boat were treated as equals, and sharing the same living conditions and were partners in the fight. It is estimated that at that time at least a quarter of pirates were of African origin.

Moreover the capture slave ships, for some African pirates to join was a great opportunity if compared to the miserable life that would lead to a plantation.

King and Pirates

King and privateers

Although usually always mention kings and pirates, kings were actually pirates since the former supported the latter with real protection.This association was that pirates could obtain protection and provision and sometimes even they had almost consideration of Royal Navy.

The kings benefited from the booty and many kings treated their featured as genuine heroes pirates. English kings like Henry III emphasized that in the thirteenth century gave the first letters of marque.

Elizabeth I encouraged in the sixteenth century and support the famous Francis Drake earned him great riches. Or in the eighteenth century King George III became famous with his cast of marque.

The kings succeeded by privateers such riches, which did not hesitate to reward the most outstanding titles of Lord and their tributes.

The Pirates to America

Looking for Spanish galleons laden with riches

The pirates were looking ships loaded with riches, and the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus gave them one of the best routes. Sites that appeared Paradise, Freedom, Refugees, Gold, Silver etc.

The Kingdom of Spain not only discovered new lands, but also found something that was the dream of every pirate or privateer, huge quantities of gold and silver.

For centuries there was a boat traffic to Europe galleons laden with enormous wealth. These were supplied mainly Spanish ships in the Caribbean before embarking on their journey to Europe.

Over the centuries these galleons were persecuted since his departure from the Caribbean Sea to the arrival in Spain.

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