Pirates Arms

Muskets of the buccaneers and filibusters

Gun to attack from a distance

Hunting muskets people

Hunting pirates

Buccaneers long muskets used normally manufactured in France.

The long hunt for the wilds of the island of Spanish, had made them expert marksman.

The first pirates old buccaneers, shooting wild animals in motion.


Mosquetes en Vigo (España)

Musket, weapon Pirates



Long muskets

To ground fire

These muskets longer than usual getting the shots reach farther.

Short muskets

For use in Collisions

They were more manageable on the decks of ships, which were full of ropes and clogs.


Wooden stock

Heavy butt that could be used as a cudgel

Not only gave stability to the weapon, he could be used to hit her, but had time to shoot or bullets ran out.


You could incorporate and was 45 cm

Most commonly used by the military in later times, especially by the British marines, French and Spanish.

It could be terrible assaults and boardings, once fired his musket.

Speed ​​up to 180 m/s

He killed plus the weight of the bullet speed

The first arms did not reach high speeds, but it was enough to bound the size of the bullet consiguía kill if given in any organ. It could also destroy an arm or leg.

The bullets of 6 m / m

They could weigh 28 grams

For its size and weight if a person was injured by one of these bullets, it was very difficult to survive. If he was lucky and was wounded in the arm or leg amputation perhaps save him.

Inaccurate remote

It used to shoot groups of people

Shot at moving objects and at sea was difficult to ascertain. Therefore it is fired at groups of people and some fell.

The very slow load

All a slow process to fire a single bullet

Load a musket was a slow and laborious process, and the result was to get one shot.

The cartridges used to be a small paper bag with a bullet and gunpowder required to shoot it.

The first was put gunpowder in the so-called stove linking the trigger with the load. After the gun barrel of the musket almost all the powder cartridge is missed and the ball was fed with a stick to the bottom. Musket input tube is obstructed with the air filter to prevent the bullet and gunpowder from falling if she bent down.

Musket history in the army

The Duke of Alba creates the first units of musketeers

The Spaniards began to use the army in the infantry. In the Flanders, the Duke of Alba ordered 15 men from each company llevasen muskets. These were placed in front of them and relying on forks fired their muskets.

The need for wooden forks was because the first Musketeers used muskets of great weight and size. Subsequently the fork was removed in build lighter muskets.

A century later each company already had at least 5 rows of musketeers.



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