Pirates Arms

DAGGERS: Guns of the pirates

In combat daggers they were very useful to the Pirates

Their weapons: Daggers

Weapons Pirates

Handguns: Dagger

The combat in the approaches needed before the insecurity of firearms weapons.

Various types allowing the fight in the deck usually filled obstacles to the use of long swords.

Dagas y espadas

Daggers and shield

Dagger handgun effective

Family daggers

A dagger consisted of a handle (grip), a protective hand (arrial or hawks) and the blade.

The handle used to have any nails or grip to grab more effectively. I used to have 3 parts: shell, central body shell.

The guard could have different shapes without losing its mission to stop the coup and defend hand.

Small size was very manageable. Existed for the right hand and to the left.

The straight or curved blade

Usually double-edged

According to the model had much improved parts: mustache, bend, central table and edge.

Designed to concentrate the full force of the blow and letting it slip easily into the adversary.

The dagger to strike

Its origin is the use for the fight

The handle could be made of many materials, wood, copper, ivory, horn, bone, etc.

Some decorated by craftsmen indicated the owner's wealth.

Dagas y espadas

Short dagger with a curved blade without arrial


The knife makers hid their secrets

The tempering leaves great experience needed

The knife used by man since ancient times enabled him to have a very useful instrument for their livelihood. Killing animals, skin them, dismember them were common to feed operations.

However, some types were developed to kill them, and some to people. The daggers stabbing effectively asserting allowed, sinking deep into the opposite.



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