Pirates Arms

Cutlass: Weapon of pirates and privateers

The Cutlass was of Oriental origin and modified in Medieval Europe

The Cutlass, capable of breaking chain mail

Effective for the Pirates

Handguns: Cutlass

The Cutlass a weapon widely used by pirates.

To be shorter than a saber or sword could be used on the decks of ships.

Heavier than a saber produced a sharper shots.

Able to pass through a chain mail. It was highly valued by infantry troops.

Alfanje y piratas


Usually single-edged

Shorter than a sword

It could handle better than the sword or saber in smaller spaces, to be shorter than them.

Although it was not uncommon at the tip that had two edges.

Curved end of the blade

Heavier than a saber

His weight caused a deeper cuts and was used mainly hitting up and down over the shoulders or head.


Sometimes with the tip contrafilo

Widest near the tip

Its name is a Spanish version of an Arabic word, meaning knife.

It was widely used in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

Dagas y espadas

Scimitar weapon to use with one hand

Falchion variants, Alfanjete, Alfanjonazo ..

Oriental inspiration for this design was added typical medieval features like wide blade, heavier etc.



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