Pirates Arms

Guns, the most powerful weapon

Types and characteristics used by Pirates

The unwanted guns were the last resort

Cañones y piratas

Fired aloft candles

The last thing he wanted was to lose pirates prey. Since it was his booty.

They are firing the ship aloft, ie the masts and sails to cripple the ship, since it could not sail.


There were cannon balls of different sizes. They were shaped cylindrical ball. The most common sizes were 8 kg, 10 kg, 14 kg.

These balls were usually of diameter 13 cm, 14 cm and 15 cm.

Cluster grenades and bullets

When the pirates wanted to sweep the deck crew, using cluster grenades or bullets.

Instead of a cannonball introduced a duffel bag full of iron, bullets or metal objects. Firing cannons, the bag was broken and a shower of projectiles shot out onto the deck of another boat.

This rain of shells acting as a machine gun and killed or wounded any crew member who was on deck.

Loads proximity shower of splinters

Sometimes hackers really wanted to die to hurt as many crew.

To do cannons loaded with half the usual load of gunpowder.

This caused the cannonball would not normally atravesase the boat from side to side. He entered the boat on one side and bouncing off the walls destroying everything in its path.

Every time you hit the wood splinters made of all sizes. The chips darting in all directions as projectiles. The crew who were in the area, were injured or killed by them.

Three balls at once

When they were near the boat and wanted to destroy it. Cannons loaded with up to 3 balls (balls).

To be fired at once, there was no hoof it resisted three consecutive impacts.

This shot caused a living hell in the other boat.

Death by gun

The triggering of a gun was such that even though the ball were to not touch the person, could cause death.

At other times his clothes comenzasen caused to burn.

Sizes cannonballs

Shot less than 30 meters, a cannon could pierce ship hulls up to 75 cm thick.

This he could do only 18 bullets pounds. In the Royal Navy there were from 24 to 32 pounds.

Carronades devastating

There were a special type of canyons called carronades. Usually only large warships used to carry one or two.

These special guns for close range shot iron balls 30 pounds.

Burned clothes

Proximity to the ball shot, objects and fabrics caused that could burn through the nearby impact. Just in touch or proximity caused fires.

The crew were saved from death they found that their clothes were beginning to burn, endangering his life.

It looked reach bullet

The guns had strength to shoot the balls. These were flying, but his speed was reduced.

From the other boat, if they saw the ahumareda and firing the bullet could follow its path.

Plugs bullets

Carpenters ships had prepared a supply of caps of different sizes. With these caps topped the holes made by cannon balls.

This was essential but wanted to be sunk by waterways, which penetrated by bullet holes.



Cannon of a ship

Schematic representation of a vessel line three bridges:

1) ammunition locker.

2) Santabárbara.

3) Antepañol. Fourth they charged with gunpowder cartridges.

4) Tapabalazo. Waterway covered with wooden planks and lead plates.

5) Double Shot. Required to break the enemy ship's hull.

6) Canyon and gear.

7) Zone boarding
Mundo de piratas


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