The golden age of the Pirates

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The approach, Pirates, Corsairs, buccaneers, filibusters

You pirates attack: How prepared as captured prey?

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Preparation before combat

A fast boat

To capture their prey, they needed to catch them first. Therefore chose light and fast ships. Loaded with the essentials, supplies and weapons.

The sails had to be carefully repaired, to harness the power of wind.

The hull of the ship, had to be very clean Yde mollusc marine vegetation, so that it is easily deslizase by the Sea.

Al Approach: Ready for a brutal and merciless battle

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Tuning weapons

They relied on their firearms

For them their weapons were his tools. Of its conservation it depended his life.

Clean weapons, conserve well especially firearms. Pistols, muskets, shotguns, muskets, were very unsafe weapons.

As gunpowder, they had to be thoroughly cleaned and dried. If moist, they could not shoot. Being in a marine environment, it was easy to be mojasen or get wet.

Failing to shoot guns in the middle of assault or approach, could mean death.

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The notice crossbones

Black or red flag

Used to deceive their victims, using other flags. In this way they could bring as much as possible without raising suspicion.

When they were near the ship, they used crossbones, to frighten them and make them surrender.

Some used the black flag as a warning. If the boat were desperate, they drew a red flag indicating that would kill everyone. This caused fear in the crews of ships.

Assaulting boats were usually merchants, with little crew, without soldiers. So not often find in them, people of weapons, which could be genuine rivals in combat.

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Ready for a brutal and merciless approach

A shower of shrapnel before boarding

If the boat is not surrendered pirate attack began after a cannon to break some candles, so that slow down the progress of the boat. Throwing shrapnel abundant on the deck, with culverins to protect the crew had to empty the deck.

They are firing the helmsman and crew to avoid that made maneuvering the boat.

With almost deserted deck and vigilandos from afar with susmosquetes always ready to shoot, you could zoom in and jump into the approach.

In the approach, if there had been resistance, killed and often tortured their victims.



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