The golden age of the Pirates

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Its golden age. The splendor of the Pirates Raiders, Buccaneers, Filibusters

Golden age of pirate ships in the Caribbean, Africa, Indian Ocean

The Golden Age of Piracy: From privateers to pirates

End of the war, but boom Piracy

Protected crew of privateers and the service of France and England to simple Pirates of the Caribbean

For decades Isla Tortuga and Jamaica were the refuge of privateers and pirates under the protection of the French Crown and English.

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During these years all navies had been strengthened by multiplying its warships and crews under the flags.

After a 12-year war in which marine clashed with warships of England and Holland against Spain and France, comes peace.

Thousands of sailors lost their jobs, some of them continued their activities but for their benefit, regardless of the law of his country.

Peace with the Treaty of Utrecht (1713)

End of the war and widespread use of privateers

The Treaty of Utrecht in 1713, marked the end of a long maritime warfare. The end of war ships had arrived. With peace came the intensification of maritime traffic and Trade.

The great powers no longer needed the services of pirates and privateers, nor protected. This originally was the main cause of the Pirates of the Caribbean

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This peace made thousands of sailors were left without work and had to fend for themselves with all they knew to do, fight at Sea

In this treaty Spain for the first time recognized and allowed both England and France and the Netherlands, they had the right to trade in the Caribbean.

It thus put an end to the total control of Spain on America for over 200 years. Although there were exceptionally allowed the existence of Jamaica as a British colony for decades.

Assaults on thousands of ships, boats and speedboats

A huge maritime traffic

During this time, thousands of ships of all countries were attacked by pirates.

It was their golden age. Maritime traffic was enormous. British ships, French, Dutch and Spanish, full of goods and precious metals, crossed the Atlantic. Pirate ships were waiting and ready to strike. At the beginning were the pirates of the Caribbean, but later were displacing other seas, searching merchant ships with valuable goods.

There were three routes: From America to Europe, carrying gold and agricultural products. From Europe to Africa they are carrying weapons and manufactured goods. And from Africa to America were shiploads of slaves.

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The three routes had in common perform the transport in ships. Vessels of all kinds with valuable goods.

Whether it no flag is respected. Any country could be the victim of attacks by pirate ships in the Caribbean and covered boats.

The islands of the central Bahamas Pirates of the Caribbean

The new shelter Pirates of the Caribbean

The Bahamas islands with their numbers, became the refuge of the Pirates of the Caribbean. Located near the American coast in the Caribbean, in the supply of Spanish ships.

Ships and Spanish galleons, to leave the American mainland, made a first step towards the Caribbean that were supplied before crossing the Atlantic to Spain.

corsario y pirata The ships of the pirates continued to be in a strategic point from which to attack the ships with goods.

Whether it was to Europe's riches and treasures ships or ships that came from Africa with the slaves, always lurking pirate ships.

Flags waving all pirates on the island of New Providence

Banned from entering Jamaica will be his refuge

England after the treaty of Utrecht, banned the entry of pirates in Jamaica.

He had spent the time in which it supported the pirates and they are even named knights in the English Court.

These pirates had to find a new refuge and this was New Providence Island. There they met, provisioned, repaired their boats and spent their loot.

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It was an island in the Bahamas, with its capital Nassau, controlled and ruled by pirates. All vessels of all flags were in danger.

And soon he went from a tiny village to a center of piracy. A haven of pirate ships.



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