The golden age of the Pirates

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End of the Golden Age of Piracy

All countries unite against the pirates, buccaneers, filibusters ..

All European countries against pirates

They lost their protection and ports

A pirates and privateers were allowed to conduct their approaches and raids while they were useful to a country.

And this protective country allowed them to stock up and take refuge in their ports.

When they were no longer needed, it was isolating them and later were persecuted and where possible are destroyed.

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Every peace treaty between countries, they finished with sea or land disputes, was a step towards their disappearance.

The end of the Pirates: The Decline and exemplary punishment, hanging or life imprisonment

The Treaty of Utrecht, though initially created a lot of pirates, the navy and privateers remain unoccupied by finalizing the war, however deprived them of the mainstays.

From that moment, every country turned against them, because they hindered the maritime traffic and trade. In addition they are no longer needed to use them against another country.

The Pursuit of Pirates

In the hunt Pirate

The persecution was continued during the following centuries.

The coastal fortifications, made more difficult the assault to populations, and this time they used to have more population and more garrison troops.

The progressive modernization of the navies of all countries created an unequal struggle between vessels of wood and metal.

Modern warships with powerful guns could defeat distance, without allowing the approach.

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As as happened in the War of Cuba, between Americans and Spaniards, it was modern metal boats against fashioned wooden boats and sailing times.

Exemplary punishments pirates: The hanging or life imprisonment

Pirate ships full prison

Hanging was the punishment for all pirate. The body of Captain Kidd, he spent four years at the entrance of the River Thames. In view of all ship pass by there, with a very clear message for anyone who thought becoming a pirate.

scrapping old ships were installed in the Thames River were used as prisons, where inmates lived in subhuman conditions.

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These prison ships could be seen in the river at the entrance to London and served as a lesson and warning to the crews of all the ships coming and going.

The message was clear, the future of one who is devoted to piracy would be an exemplary punishment. Chances are hung up on a ship or rarely bearable prison conditions for a human being.

They took refuge in other seas of China, India, Japan ..

Flight to Africa and Asia

Appear to increase and new trade routes, the pirates appear in areas where there is potential boots.

The new sea routes from India, China, Japan, Malaysia, etc with full cargo ships silk, ivory, spices, are your new goals.

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The activity of the American colonies, make many pirates move towards them.

Americans will soon be famous privateers, this time attacking the English Crown.



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