The golden age of the Pirates

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Were As boats Pirate Corsairs, buccaneers, filibusters?

Light and fast boats to reach others

Ready to board boats

The pirates were engaged in stealing and the more the better. Although raided ships of all kinds, normally heavy prey were merchant ships, laden with all kinds of wealth, gold, silver, etc.

To give scope to ships with goods, used boats and light boats. Since the pirates trasportaban goods, unless the vessel needed boots robados.Solo be able to carry their weapons and supplies.

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Neither they needed to be many pirates, with about 50 pirates were more than enough. A merchant ship used to take a few crew.

Pirate ships harassed the slow Galleons

Pirates and maritime navigation

Compass, telescope, quadrant ..

The navigation of the time was very primitive. While pirate ships were watching the coast, with a chart they could orient themselves and reach their destination, as did the sailors of antiquity. But losing sight of land needed navigational instruments that would guide.

They were usually very simple instruments but who fulfilled his mission. Some were basic. Therefore needed to use them to have to look directly into the sun, so many captains pirates end up losing eye vision.
Instruments such as the compass, which sometimes were manufactured themselves if possessed magnetite. And others like the sundial, telescope, ballestilla, quadrant, revolving diagram, astrolabe, etc.

After crossing the Atlantic Ocean pirates were a huge continent unknown. One of the most precious spoils were the letters of Spanish and Portuguese navigation, reflecting the positions of the colonies, where provisioned, the dangers and how to overcome them. 

These marine charts were a treasure because in them was reflected the experience of over a century in America of Spanish and Portuguese sailors.

Ready-made boats for boarding

What characteristics and why they chose?

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A boat was very fast

Speed ​​was essential

As the speed of your boat as essential for pirates, as well as having fast ships had to devote much of his time to conservation.

A perfect condition of the sails and rigging, together with a deft handling speed increased significantly.

The conservation of the hull, had to be done from time to time. Since the extended stay navigating the sea to which sele adherieran his helmet both marine vegetation as shellfish of all kinds. All this layer remained on the ship speed, it is an obstacle to the waves and sea water.

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An armed ship with guns

Light and manageable guns

Not being much tonnage ships or too big, and not want to carry too much weight, too heavy guns avoided.

Most of their guns were light, and used mainly to clear the deck of the ship assaulted. Shrapnel swept the deck literally forcing the crew to take cover.

The pirates used small guns as culebrina, throwing a real shower of shrapnel on the deck of another boat to attack the crew, and cleared prior to boarding the ship that was practically deserted.

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Boats and sailing boats

Even rowing boats or canoes

Especially in its early buccaneers also used boats and boats, boats, canoes, etc. Ships and boats of oars or sails and very light to transport to the ships pirates raiding.

Either from the coast, if the ship was provisioning, or from another ship heading to them, armed to the teeth with boats to cut off their retreat.

With long distance muskets, they were shooting the pilot and crew member to appear on deck. Thus they are paralyzing the activity of the vessel, which could not even maneuver, and therefore often not even flee.



Selecting the world of Pirates and Corsairs

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Most common types of boats

The main ships from pirates

BARQUE: Ship widely used by pirates and privateers, for its speed and medium sized about 80 tonelas.

SLOOP: Used by filibusters, for its speed.

PINGUE: Preferred by the Dutch, small and light.

Pinnace: Very fast, especially to transport or ship pirates to the area to attack.

MAN OF WAR: English Construction, equivalent to the Spanish Galleon. Large 800 tons.

CANOE: In shallow draft, it was used to shallow water.

Galleons: boats transporting treasures

Large, robust, slow and armed ships

The need to transport the Iberian peninsula gold and silver from the mines of Mexico and Peru made Spain built galleons, a sturdy boat with great capacity in its warehouses. Heavily armed ships with over 50 guns and crews were over 200 men.

The crew was also escorted by musketeers to face possible attacks by pirates.

It really was very rare that pirate ships dared to directly attack a galleon in the amount of weapons he carried. When the danger that some groups of pirates from attacking boats, which were usually privateers in the service of any country, convoys of nearly a hundred galleons were protected each other, escorted by warships were created was perceived.

Such were the galleons

As little aerodynamic were slower

A robust warehouses with high loading capacity even with shallow draft (depth) as there used to be ports and had to carry rocks near coves and beaches. They possessed of a forecastle he defended a fortress and aft with multiple overlapping covers. Normally they used to have at least two masts hung with the main sails.

Shortly maneuverable, high speed reached only when the wind blew the stern. From a position at the top of the mast (crow), a crewman watched and warned its pirate ships.

Boats designed to withstand crossing the Atlantic Ocean and very useful to carry a heavy load, but slow for his little aerodynamic design. The large capacity and comfort of his palace stern slowing her progress.

Instead the boats used by the pirates were a fortress much lower, smaller, lighter and just loaded with the essentials to be the fastest and stern. 

The galleass

The great ship Sea

The biggest boat in the Mediterranean Sea, much used by the Venetians. It had a length of 70 m long and 16 m wide. Three masts helped push him, but provided 32 banks of oars.

To handle more easily the sails, he took the upper deck clear. The banks of oars were installed underneath it.

His subsequent bridge was high and wide. Installed wore abundant artillery, the convertiían the dreaded colossus of the seas in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, its time.

Two hundred rowers made sure that regardless of the wind to blow, could sail. Another troop of about 100 officers and soldiers completed the crew.

The Whip

Small and Fast

Used by besberiscos to give his punches by surprise in their raids near the coast.

Media 30 m long and 5 meters wide. He wore 20 banks of oars on each side.


The smallest

It was the smallest boat. Sometimes he wore neither sticks for candles.

Available about 10 banks of oars on each side.

Countries, ships and guns

Spain: big, slow boats. England: Boats faster

The Spanish Crown according to their interest in bringing products from American designed and built large ships and galleons, especially for this mission. Large and high load capacity ships, although they were slower. Boats armed with big guns to defend many valuable goods, gold and silver extracted from the mines of America ..

The English Crown had prohibited trade with America, through the use of privateers set about trying to raid the Spanish galleons thus appropriating part of those American wealth. For this design lighter vessels could outrun large, heavy galleons.

The same occurred with the guns. The galleons had many great stationary guns, which were thus difficult to move and therefore reloading. By contrast the pirates guns were mounted on mobile carriages which allowed them to make a greater number of shots.

They also gave more importance to the ability to shoot the projectile farther away, so you can attack from a distance beyond the reach of the massive firepower of the Spanish galleons.

The ships of the pirates: Boats fast, chasing the slow and heavy Galleons

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