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Pirates in Somalia

A strategic area and many pirates

The Pirates of Somalia have become a threat to global navigation

Somalia, los piratas del Cuerno de África

Somalia, a country without a central government, is the paradise of sea pirates.

There are nearly a hundred pirates camps. These pirates assaulted about 350 boats every year.

In these assaults take over the goods, and therefore demand ransom the ship as passengers.

For this part of Africa some 20,000 ships pass annually from all countries.


Abduction of a luxury yacht

The kidnapping of Ponant

A French sailboat was kidnapped, seizing the ship, with 30 crew on board.

They were released later, perhaps with the payment of a previous kidnapping.

Kidnapping of a Basque tuna vessel

The hijacking of the fishing beach Baquio

4 armed men hijacked the ship, which had 26 crew.

Heavily armed, using lanzagranas damaged part of the ship.

Greek Merchant

Assault and kidnapping of a merchant

Merchant with 25 crew is attacked and kidnapped by Somali pirates.

The ship was 320 kms of Mogasdicio.

The UN against piracy

Authorizes warships to chase

A resolution of the Security Council of the UN, approved in June 2008, to prosecute pirates.


Hijacking of a Ukrainian ship

They seize a ship with weapons

A ship carrying war materials, 33 battle tanks and grenade launchers.

They will only be released when the initial rescue of 25 million Euros has been received.

A Panamanian freighter assaulted

Secuentrado by pirates without ever reaching Help

A Panamanian ship with 21 crew, was kidnapped again.

He managed to issue a warning to ships sailing in the area, warning of the presence of pirates.

The big business rescue

The left free after collecting r

A subcoreano merchant and one Thai, have been released after paying ransom.

NATO against piracy

Send warships

26 countries have agreed to send warships, has monitored the waters, mainly the Horn of Africa.

Endangered food aid to Horn of Africa

Convoys of trucks and even boats are attacked by pirates

Warships have to escort ships as food aid to Africa.

Pirates assault ships and seize food loa. Thereby putting at risk, feeding thousands of people that need to distribute the area daily.

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