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Their tactics of attack and combat

Pirate attacks were almost always lead

The Pirates used guns and special forms of struggles

The Pirates struck terror, and before attacking their victims

Thieves and mercenaries looking for booty

The pirates were professionals of arms. Their way of living depended on their ability to know how to use.

They were mercenaries del Mar, whose reward was the booty, used terror to paralyze passengers and sailors.


Normally, attacking merchant ships, manned by seafarers, sailors inexperienced in handling weapons. Also used all kinds of tricks, which gave them an advantage in approaches.

The buccaneers and their dirty shells

Some clothes protected them

The main activity of the buccaneers in the beginning was the hunter, pigs, cows, etc. These animals, which were abandoned by the Spaniards, were raised in the wild in the islands.

His clothes were soaked in blood and fat of all animals they hunted. This made her clothes were not only waterproof, but also had the most compact and consistent tissue.

As usual nothing was changing clothes in the attacks, these garments supposed protection in some cases.

Giants threw tacks

Smashed the feet of sailors

It was common at that time, were barefoot sailors on ships. All activities performed without shoes, freely moving around the deck. This it was much more comfortable to go with shoes.

The filibusters who knew this. They threw a kind of pins, which fell as fall on deck, there was always a sharp tip facing up.

This prevented the sailors could move freely around the ship, and who were exposed to large wounds on the feet.


Bloodthirsty Filibusters

There not used to take prisoners

The filibusters were not used to take prisoners on ships or populations caught, but could sell them later.

Men, if they saw that they could not obtain a ransom for them, murdered them.

A women, mostly traded in Jamaica for taverns and brothels.

Handles working distance

They had great aim

The Buccaneers were great hunters, who depended on his skill with weapons.

From afar, with muskets longer than usual, long distance shooting preventing the defenders could lean on boats or in populations.

Avoided in this way that could maneuver the boat and escape.

Armed to the teeth

Heavily armed from knife gun

The pirates seeking the best weapons, vessels captured.

They used to carry a musket, a gun, a short dagger, usually the cutlass, and one or two knives. They could also carry axes, and special types of spears, hooks, etc.

The Blackbeard celebrate, had at least 6 guns ready to shoot.

A shock if necessary

Sometimes struggling to blows.

Firearms were one shot, and in the midst of a collision, impossible to load.

When they could not shoot them, used them as clubs, or the throwing the opponent.

Both guns, as musket, had some coatings and metal rivets, which also reinforce the resistant and made heavier, could be used as a truncheon, if necessary.


They threw hand grenades

Small bombs with shrapnel

Some pirates when they began the approach, pulling small hand pumps that explode, spreading shrapnel inside.

This forced the ship attacked sailors to have to shelter from the rain of shrapnel.

The boat deck was cleared, and the Pirates had time to jump from one to the other boat.

Short swords, effective on boats

They used swords more manageable

The swords of the time were too long for use on deck full of ropes and rigging of a ship.

The pirates used swords shorter, much space is not needed to manage them.

Cutlasses were the most used, for ease of use over short distances, and boats.

The speakers Las bocinas

Threats to frighten away

The speakers amplify the voice of pirates and privateers away allowing threaten with death and torture if they resisted, if they were forced to make the approach. It also gave the orders and instructions to be followed to stop the ship.

The pirates and privateers tried to avoid collisions because the infighting had always injured and killed on both sides.

Frightened and threatened to ships while they are approaching fast.

This caused terror and made decrease the rate of the boat and surrender without a fight, in most cases.

False flags

Posing as ships the same country

When possible advantage of information available to them, to go by boat from the same country or countries at peace with boat attacked.

Using the best telescopes of the time to look in detail at the dam and know the same flag. Once located the origin of the assault boat in his pirate ship hoisted the same flag.

This made the solitude of the sea his victim trust and not take flight allowed to approach. For this carrying on board flags of the major countries.

This allowed them to get close enough so that the dam could not escape and perform a collision if they did not surrender.


Surrender or collision

Impossible to escape if they were close

Otherwise saw soon caught by the pirate ship quickly threw many hooks and prevented them from fleeing.

The masts of sailboats of the time was easily hooked and hooks even several points, almost always found somewhere to be fixed.

A Pirates them was enough to tie the other end of the rope that was tied to his own boat hook and pull it up close enough to jump to the other cover.

Shooting guns

The roar of cannons

Normally surprise followed by the sound of their guns, while the pirate flag was hoisted enough for the merchant ship surrendered.

Although the pirates preferred not to use the guns by the extensive damage caused within walking distance.

The pirates sought to keep the ship and its riches, not interested in destroying neither boat nor the goods.

They sold everything from boat captured goods or passengers.

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