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Pirates and Corsairs French

They began fighting the Vikings

Highlighted the Bretons and Normans descendants of Vikings

descendants of Vikings

There was already one experience life at sea and ocean travel, especially Bretons, Normans and Basques.

The Bretons ships had to arm themselves because of the attacks of the Vikings. And once trained and armed the disappearance of the danger, they continued their activi d. Whenever there was a war in which they could take part.

Normandy was a strategic location for controlling the English Channel. Installing Vikings camps would eventually control the territory. Not in vain Normandy was the land of William the Conqueror of England descended from Vikings .

The Basques, with experience in voyages to Newfoundland, connoisseurs of Biscay and Atlantic, conducted from to time travel with whalers.


The French were the first Pirates of the Caribbean

Jean Fleury (1521) and the fabulous treasure of Mexico

Capture the fabulous treasure of King Moctezuma

Juan Giovanni da Verrazano Forint or born in 1485 near Florence.

This Corsair Italian origin although the service of Francis I of France, achieved a feat.

Although since 1506, had ocurrrido round in the Caribbean Sea in the West Indies. But it was in 1521, when addressed in the Azores, the fleet of Hernán Cortés Moctezuma transferred the Treasury, taking 2 galleons that fabulous treasure.

In the court of France they saw with their own eyes the enormous wealth that could be drawn from America. They had in their hands all kinds of jewelry, ornaments, gold and silver utensils, jeweled, Cortes had sent his Emperor.

French pirates and adventurers to the West Indies

The capture of the Treasury mobilized adventurers.

The French Corsairs were maintained by the Atlantic Ocean, to limit the Azores and Canary Islands. Rarely in the Antilles.

The news of the capture of riquisimo Treasury Moctezuma, spread like wildfire, across the continent especially in France.

The information content of the treasure with pieces of gold and silver encrusted with emeralds and other precious stones was what was missing so it will skip the imagination of the people making everything seem possible.

Thousands of adventurers sailed to the West Indies, seeking a fluke and life easier.

To Jean Fleury

Captured and hanged by Martin Perez de Irizar


Carlos V angered by the loss and lack of respect for his person issued an order that was captured and executed.

In 1927 after years practicing privateering in the Atlantic and Mediterranean was captured by Martin Perez de Irizar. He tried to bribe the Spanish offering him a huge fortune for letting him escape alive.

But he failed and Charles V ordered to hang with his chief captains accused of over 150 assaults on Spanish ships during his lifetime privateer.

King Francis I of France

Promotes piracy to weaken Spain

His feud with Carlos V dates from the defeat of the French troops at the Battle of Pavia. In this battle was cast prisoner. This humiliation caused him further promote piracy. In addition to the reasons of state, had personal reasons against the Emperor, as he was hostage in Madrid until his ransom was paid.

Due to the ruin of France at that time was a poor country and finding the royal treasury exhausted after paying ransom, could not finance a war against their enemy. I had no money to prepare, victual, feed and move thousands of soldiers to fight. Francisco I decided to provide protection and even boats in exchange for a share of the loot to grab raiding Spanish ships.

Multitude of boats of all sizes are assembled and French enthusiasts dedicated to piracy and are even able to cross thousands of kilometers of dangerous oceans to reach America.

The stories told of the enormous wealth of America and treasure memories captured by Jean Fleury acts as a powerful incentive to run all hazards. And in a few years especially some lislas Caribbean are filled with adventurers willing to do anything to get rich.

Henry II of France and privateers

Leclerc (Peg Leg)

In 1553 King Henry II of France decided to send an expedition of privateers to attack and rob the Spanish possessions in America. To do so provided 10 ships by assigning the command of the expedition and putting as his deputy James de Sores known for his hatred of Catholics. Between them they burned the cities of Puerto Rico and even invading Cuba Havana attack that burned almost completely.

For more than five years attacked everything they could even threatened Caribbean Cartagena and Santo Domingo. Also as they passed the Canary Islands for assaulting advantage.

The thousands of dollars in gold that led back to France, were more than enough for King Henry II named him Noble giving full honors.

The port of Saint-Malo

The city was enriched Piracy

The practice Corso, it became a tradition, and thanks to him, the city was enriched.

The main victims of the attacks were the British ships that pass near its shores, either outbound or return to England, they were besieged and addressed.

Its heyday was in the seventeenth century, and its sailors and merchants were enriched greatly, so that was common to invest in privateering expeditions.

Bomba en Saint-Malo

The English tried to fly the port

Fed up with the English, attacks by French privateers, tried to destroy the city.

They prepared a boat laden with explosives, bullets and shrapnel. During the night he was sent to the walls, with the intention of destroying and burning the city.

However the ship, the poor visibility of the night, hit some rocks, and some of the explosives were spoiled. He failed to do any major damage.

Duguay-Trouin (1673-1736)

Commanding great ship from young

From very young in front of a ship, seized large amount of merchant ships, about 300, and even almost 20 warships.

Considered a national hero.

Jean Bart (1651-1702)

Controlled Channel

He set about raiding merchant traveling along the English Channel and the North Sea.

Your city Dunkirk, was equivalent to that of Saint-Malo corsair base.

Once he managed to escape from the English in a rowboat traveling hundreds of kilometers.

Robert Surcouf (1773-1827)

Bright and courageous Corsair on the route of the Indian

He moved to the French possession of the Indian, Saint Maurice. Strategic crossing point of the English ships going to India and China.

From there, he seized ships loaded with enormous wealth.

Settlers and Corsairs

In America sought to establish colonies

A feature of the French Corsairs was his desire to settle in the West Indies, since its inception.

So from the beginning had their conquests had a colonizer more value, and were installed in small Caribbean islands, they could not protect the Spaniards, for their great number

Francois l'Olonnais (El Olones) (x-1669)

Slave to Pirata to be free

He reached the Caribbean and white slave (bondman) and then forced labor in Martinique during his youth, his master gave him freedom. Later he joined the Buccaneers and noted for his skill as a sailor and his great cruelty to prisoners. Got a boat but failed on the first attempt of Campeche. On returning to Tortuga island with a small boat made it to Cuba where he possesses a Spanish galleon, once the crew were killed.

He assaulted many Spanish ships and from Havana, a heavily armed ship to capture was prepared. The Olonés surprised the boat with a boarding and put to the sword all the crew.

The Olonés takes Maracaibo after holding strength

Tortures its inhabitants

His fame and his cruelty seemed growing every day despite competition on Turtle Island where he got accompany him more than 500 pirates and went to take Maracaibo in Venezuela today. After taking the fort discovered that the city had been abandoned and its inhabitants were hiding taking refuge in the jungle.

After combing the forest, managed to capture some of the frightened citizens who feared the worst. To get to know where people and their wealth was hiding, he mounted a show of cruelty in which he took heart to a Spanish soldier and ate at the sight of all.


Francois l'Olonnais was eaten by the Indians

The end of the cruel and bloodthirsty pirate

He decided to invade Nicaragua in command of a fleet of ships. Bad weather and storms prevented him and wrecked. He lost his fleet and had to roam the jungle where many of his men decided to leave.

His death was as horrific as his life was captured by the natives in Honduras and torn. Some say it also eaten by cannibals Indians in the area.

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