The Pirates Caribbean

His life de piratas
Approach de los piratas
FunLa vida de los piratas del Caribe
Descentde los piratas
Curiositiesde los piratas
Food piratas del Caribe
French piratas
Francis Drake Sir Francis Draque
John Hawkins John Hawkins
Walter Raleig Walter Raleig

Famous Pirates and extravagance

Pirates went into History for being famous and unique

Pirates famous for its elegance, Culture, Cruelty ..

The curiosities of some of the most Famous Pirates

There were some pirates who stood out for its elegance, culture, initiative, etc. Some were initiated in piracy greed, hunger or for love. Others just as a hobby.


The sleek, handsome and stylish Pirate

Always Calico

Jack Rackham , Calico Jack . Famous among other things by their dress, pirate fame, daring and adventurous.

She loved going calico dress. Always dressed this way, both the shirt as pants.

The Indian was a calico or cotton fabrics printed on one side, with one or more colors.

The Pirate teetotaler, alcohol or touch

A pirate who drank only tea

Bartholomew Roberts was an atypical pirate. Only drank tea, taste a drop of alcohol. It was also elegant, tall and handsome.

While his crew picked a good drunkenness, he stayed out of his parties.

Another case is unknown, a famous pirate, who did not drink alcohol.

The theatrical

Preparing a show with fire

The famous Blackbeard, riding a whole spectacular light and fire.

His tall stature with nearly 1.95, and in itself impressed. He added his long black beard, looped braids and colored strips.

Hat wearing safety fuses, igniting before boarding. Creating a cloud of smoke around her face.

With all this assembly, appear in combat, with at least 6 guns, surrounded by smoke, impressed.

The Pirate worship

Had a good preparation for his time

The pirate Blackbeard, was no ordinary pirate, who were to succeed, by chance.

It was a pirate, rather worship, which was literate. Nothing usual, the pirates of the time.

He was very intelligent, and rode quite a performance on each approach. A show that bound his impressive high figure. This created real fear among its victims, soon surrendered and acceded to their demands.



He took her hobby

He was forced to be a pirate, and came to fame

John Roberts, better known as Bartholomew Roberts, was captured when his ship was boarded by pirates.

He was invited to join the crew. He refused and then the pirates forced him to go with them.

Ended up being the captain of the ship, dying this. He became the most successful pirate alternating path Africa with the Caribbean.

Pirate Woman for Love

He fled with his love and devoted to piracy

Anne Bonny, in love with the elegant Calico Jack. They stole a boat harbor, and fled with him, becoming a pirate.

For several years, he was a pirate with his love.

To be caught, four years later, they boarded many boats.

Disguised as a man

He was a soldier and pirate was in the war

Mary Read , disguised herself as a man and enlisted as a soldier fighting in several battles.

He sailed to America, at the crossing his ship was captured by Calico Jack and joined his crew.

Managed to keep his secret, until Anny Bonny, Jack's wife, he realized that he was not a man.

Extremely drunk

They were caught when they were drunk

Calico Jack was captured when he was cornered by a warship and I can not resist.

The reason was that the crew was totally drunk in the cellar, and had no strength to stand.

Only two women and a pirate crew, resistance whatsoever.

PIRATES: The elegant, teetotaler, the most theatrical, worship, which took her love of piracy, pirate woman masquerading as a man, the extremely drunk

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