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His life de piratas
Approach de los piratas
FunLa vida de los piratas del Caribe
Descentde los piratas
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A brief life, an almost certain death.

The Pirates lived a few years, died very soon

Death was his destiny after a few years of Piracy

A violent death or illness

They chose a short but pleasant life

Life at that time was very hard, all day working in slave-like conditions.

So many pirates chose a life outside albeit short but intense and pleasurable.

The pirates died in combat, by hanging or victims of terrible diseases.


A hanging as an example for others

Some 400 pirates were hanged annually as a warning to others

When every country turned against them, the persecution was such that gradually were arrested.

Normally hanged them in the public square for general warning.

When the pirate had been famous, exposing his corpse to the input ports, so that all you saw ..

His greatest enemy, his friend alcohol

Alcohol, drinking with disproportionate raged between them

They lived such a day, each time getting a prize, such drunkenness, who fell asleep anywhere caught.

They were alcoholizando, with great drunkenness.

When Jamaica came to England, the island was promoted as a haven for pirates and privateers.

The corpse in a cage

Skeleton exposed for years in the harbor entrance

The famous Captain Kid was hanged, with such bad luck that broke the rope. He had to be hanged again.

His corpse was put in an iron cage made to measure, and was exhibited for years at the entrance of the River Thames.

Warning to all those who may be inclined to embark on Piracy.


He ended up in the pan

Al cruel murderer cannibals ate him in a cruel ritual as his life

The French bloodthirsty pirate, better known as the Olonés, so many atrocities committed, was captured by cannibals of Central America.

Frightened prisoners, killing one of them and eating his heart in front of others.

Interestingly, I had an order consistent with his life, he committed so many brutalities, received his punishment and was eaten by cannibals, who tore him.


War wounds

Mutilation arms and legs in Collisions

The medicine of the time, knew no other effective remedy before a certain severity wounds that cutting the injured limb.

Hence we come pirate image, lame, lame or one-eyed.

Most of amputees, which were saved, died to a few years.

They came to take over such important towns like Panama or Portobelo.

Venereal Diseases

Its fun was in the taverns and brothels.

It gave a lot of prestige that each booty getting it conmfortable quickly in taverns and brothels of Jamaica.

The lack of hygiene on ships bound to this kind of life, brought them serious illnesses.

The result of this chaos were some other venereal diseases.

Partners in combat

Supported each other in addressing

The Brethren of the Coast, created by the Buccaneers, had norms of mutual support.

Each pirate was twinned with a partner, with which closed a mutual defense agreement.

In combat is supported, with the obligation to defend. If one of them left the other, then the Brotherhood hanged him.

The abandonment of companion punished

Hanged those who left a mate

The rules of the Brotherhood, were clear and applied.

In combat members are supported, with the obligation to defend.

If one of them left the other, then the Brethren of the Coast, he hanged.


Thus died the Pirates: Violent death, disease, hanging his enemy alcohol, cadaver in a cage, war wounds, eaten by cannibals, companions until the end, a short life, almost certain death.

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