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The Pirates had a different life and very high risk

Their way of life was to live only for the present

Some people decided to live a different life as pirates

Pirates no future: How do they live?

They lived alone everyday and every day could be the last

They did not think about tomorrow

The pirates were looking for a pleasant way of life albeit short.

Removing exceptions, as some of the Corsairs, had only ambition and ruthlessness. The pirates had as main objective rich and as quickly as possible.

They did not care any crime or atrocity in order to get


Hunters Pirates

They were the buccaneers and smoked meat

Some pirates, buccaneers had previously been, that is engaged in hunting animals, especially on the island of Spanish.

The Arawak Indians taught them how to smoke meat on a grill, they called bucan.

Thanks to smoked meat could be stored long time, enough for a trip to the Iberian Peninsula.


Spain could not handle them

Les evicted from the island, but returned

Such was the extent of the New World, with many territories and islands, it was impossible to control them all. Only the Caribbean Sea has 1000 islands.

It is therefore ivan moving from island to island, and could not locate them.

When Jamaica passed to England, the island was promoted as a haven for pirates and privateers, as they saw it was the only way to prevent the reconquered Spain.


The Brethren of the Coast

An example of brotherhood Pirate

The filibusters created their own association, to help each other, and cope with the Spaniards.

Land and boats were all and everyone could organize expeditions.

The pirates just had their personal property, and its share of the spoils.

No European women among pirates

European women were not allowed to them.

The Buccaneers, would not allow European women on the island.

There had been many conflicts and fights between them, because of European women, which was banned and only allowed Indian, black or mestizo women.

Authentic cruel armies Pirates

Sometimes thousands of Pirates and dozens of ships were grouped

Sometimes they formed real armies, with thousands of pirates, and dozens of ships.

When it appeared a leader to unite them and there was a huge booty, riding authentic military expeditions.

They came to take over such important towns like Panama or Portobelo.

Pirate ships were faster

Thoroughly cleaned their ships, to make more fast

If not enough ships, pirates would not have loot.

Therefore, their ships were to be the most fast. To do this, light boats used, with one or two candles and lightweight.

To that easily deslizasen through the waters, cleaned the hull, algae, molluscs, etc. Since the accumulation of them, slowed the progress of the ship.


Marine became Pirates

Marine and privateers became pirates

It's over the long maritime war between Spain, England, France and the Netherlands, more than 10 years

Thousands of sailors and pirates, are without work, are dismissed by their countries, they no longer need them.

Many of them decide to continue doing what they always miss, board ships. But now no longer care what country they are. Anything goes.

Even raided cities

They came to take over Panama

The conquest of Panama, the jewel of the Spanish Crown in America, was a surprise, so unexpected.

They seized the city, and committed atrocities, torturing its people, to tell them where they kept their treasures.

They took hundreds of prisoners inhabitants. They were made to carry heavy loads with which crossed the jungle to return again to the Atlantic Ocean. Most prisoners were massacred or hard work they performed.

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