The Pirates Caribbean

His life de piratas
Approach de los piratas
FunLa vida de los piratas del Caribe
Descentde los piratas
Curiositiesde los piratas
Food piratas del Caribe
French piratas
Francis Drake Sir Francis Draque
John Hawkins John Hawkins
Walter Raleig Walter Raleig

Its wild parties and entertainments

The Pirates, games, partying and partying on the beaches of the Caribbean islands

Lovers Pirates of drugs, gambling and women

Live their ultimate fun

Amused like crazy desperate

After weeks or months, looking for prey or escaping in a boat, in appalling conditions, his dream was to land and have fun.

They dreamed of doing everything that can not be done on a boat, which is almost everything.

Therefore nothing but get into harbor or shelter, debauchery was the norm. And as crazy desperate drunk, betting, fornicating, etc.


Drinking alcohol and quantity

Looking desperately alcohol

Drank everything that take alcohol, especially rum, beer and wine.

Some, when they were on earth, were seldom sober, frequent drunkenness they caught.



Smoking or chewing snuff

On ships were allowed no smoking it for its danger

The ships of the time, were of wood, which posed a danger fire upon them. Just did it for cooking.

As the sailors at the time, were content to chewing snuff instead of smoking it.

Upon reaching the ground looking for the snuff pipe normally, and smoked like crazy.

Seeking female company

The presence of women seeking to reach the port of the islands.

On ships were not allowed to have women on board. The sailors of the time were very superstitious and believed that a female presence on board would bring bad luck.

Really what we had, was a huge amount of fights between them, these issues skirts.

Arriving at the port, if they could raise women aboard. As waiting in ports had many women wanting to help spend the spoils of the pirates.

Paradise islands and fantasy with drink

Parties with rum and women on the beaches

The Caribbean, with its many islands with beautiful beaches, was paradise for anyone. Ideal for parties with plenty of women and Alcohol place.

Since not all ports admitted to the pirates, had to go to their shelters, where they were safe, so they could arrange their parties and orgies.

Were generally sparsely populated islands, but they used to have the essentials, and governed by the pirates themselves.

The pirates were betting like crazy

The game prohibited on board, played it all

Because of the fighting, and possible deception, was not allowed to play on boats.

When they came to earth with a good haul, played by betting huge amounts

Gold waste without any control

They made their whims reality and when

Spent large amounts of booty, in things of little value, but that they longed for.

Traders awaited the arrival of pirates as they do not care about the actual price of the objects.


The dice game

With huge bets including

A very popular and very common game was played with wooden dice. A simple, but surrounded by emotion, and more if the game had many many drinks.

In a short game losing large parts of the spoils.

The game deck

Barajas illustrated at the time.

The decks of the time were often good entertainment in ports.

They played sometimes not so quietly and drinking as possessed.

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