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Food and Marine Pirates: hunger boats

Curiosities of pirates and sailors malnourished

The Pirates Food was better than the other Marines of the time

Starving: Few and bad foods

For any crew member or passenger of a ship at the time, the food was one of the biggest problems.

Rotting meat, malotiente cookies and putrid water, was too common.

When there was not even that, hunger took possession of the boat, making a horror.


As a result of hunger and thirst, and the scarcity of fruits and vegetables caused the disease were not slow to appear. Epidemics spread quickly by boat.

Salted meat for preservation

Only thus could get it preserved

The method of preservation of the time, so the meat was salting.

This meant spending a lot of water, to desalinate and caused very thirsty.


Bread crackers for the boat

Were made in the harbor and lasted months

The best way to bring bread, bread were using cookies, which are prepared in ports.

It is therefore bought with time, and some could be manufactured, many months earlier. But if you were provisions of the Royal Navy, could be years.

The costly making cookies

A long process with many operators

Needed to manufacture a lengthy process, in which many people involved.

At this time, a fatal hygiene is had, and the result was some crackers and bread contaminated medium at the end of them ..

Biscuit with insects was the most common

While the cookies were made

Being exposed the dough to make cookies, they were very vulnerable.

Some insects anidadaban in them, leaving their eggs in the dough.


They drove weevils

A shock to the wood before eating

To eat the cookies without bugs hitting against the wooden boat, to fall to the ground.

Rock hard, wet them better

Stiffness caused so much chewing

Chewing as hard food, to the muscles of the jaws fatigasen, creating soreness in the mouth.

Rats ate up if they could hunt

In times of famine were boiled

In desperation by hunger, they were forced to chase rats boat.

Once cooked and if possible condimentas species seemed a great delicacy.

Until ate leather, wetting

The last alternative to death

Softened leather, they could get, breaking bags, clothing, and belts.

Left to soak in the water, during which time it would soften. Detracted hairs and rudeness. And the cooked after breaking them into small pieces.

The pirates ate better, twice daily fill

If there was food, celebrating authentic Facilities, unlimited

Many sailors became pirates by better living conditions. A dark, usually ate once a day at best.

Among the pirates eat twice a day without limit, and with plenty of drink, made them be privileged, given the prevailing hunger during the day.

The Pirates and sailors Food: Soup and turtle eggs, meat rotting, smelly cookies, and half rotten water, salt meat, special, Costly and laborious preparation Insects on cookies Cookies, drove out the weevils, rock hard biscuits , Some ate until rats were eaten up leather, Pirates ate better than other marine ..

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