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Pirates and Corsairs famous Walter Raleigh (Devonshire-1552-1618-Londres)

Corsair and writer

A Corsair noble family

Of noble birth, he studied at Oxford.

Business writer and poet.

Walter Raleigh

Warrior and worship

From war to war

Start fighting against France in support of the Huguenots.

Supports the Prince of Orange in Holland against espaniards.


First colony in Virginia

He supported his brother Humphrey Gilbert in Roanoke

With the information provided by Indians of the area brought to London Prepares creation of the first English colony in North America, on Roanoke Island North Carolina today.


Enter Snuff in England

Monkfish rage among the courtiers

Smoking is spreading rapidly in England after the arrival of Snuff.

The courtiers attach themselves to rape, a powder of snuff.

Queen favorite in Court

Elizabeth I

His stay at the court did not go unnoticed by their culture and presence.

In 1584 explores North America

No loot found

Although economic results were bad, he gained experience and recognized short of North America.

Read the Spanish chroniclers

Find information about the new American lands

Read the Spanish chroniclers tell us the latest news and life of America.

And religious chronicler Lopez de Gomara (1478-1557). Author of works such as Historia general de las Indias, History of the Conquest of Mexico.

Fernandez de Oviedo and military writer (1511-1566). Author of General History of the Indies.


Assault Trinidad, Rio Hacha and Santa Marta

Kidnaps the governor of Trinidad

rinidad assaults sacked the city. Governor Berrio is kidnapped.

You get information about El Dorado and is fascinated. Returns to England after looting Santa Marta and Rio Hacha, ready to return in search of treasures in the Orinoco.

1617 expedition in search of El Dorado

Send your child in search of Watt Raleigh

Installed on the island of Trinidad send an expedition to the Orinoco in search of El Dorado. However he fails and his son died fighting the Spaniards.


RALEIGH: Noble adventurer, writer and poet

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