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Pirates and Corsairs famous: John Hawkins (1532-1595) Plymouth, Puerto Rico)

He began to Francis Drake piracy

Merchant and slaver

Family of shipowners and seafarers spent dedicated sea life.

He discovered as rich trafficking especially Africans.

John Hawkins

Funded by the City of London

Get boats and supplies

Through his contacts in the City gets you finance ships and sailors.

Brilliant career

Parliamentary and Treasurer of the Royal Navy

The success of your business traffic in African made his recompense for political charges

He devoted himself to design fast boats

Quick and manageable Boats

A whole life fleeing Spaniards he bowed to the fast boats.


From Brazil to New Orleans

Venezuela, Haiti, Cuba, Jamaica

He sold slaves to the Caribbean Sea and the American coast. He divided his cargo of slaves across the Atlantic coast, including Brazil.

Appointed Admiral

Su barco el Victory

His boat Victory Participate with this boat already available the new design. A bass boat, faster, more manageable.

Bounty of Queen Elizabeth I

He rewarded his achievements

Your participation in the fight against the Great Spanish Armada, was recognized and awarded by Queen Elizabeth I of England.

His last expedition failed

Participate with Drake in the attack on Puerto Rico in 1595, where he died

In the year 1594 is organized in England a new expedition to plunder the Spanish possessions in America. Well financed and armed expedition. Involved nearly 30 ships and 2500 men.

The heads Francis Drake and John Hawkins at the age of 62 years can not resist to participate. But it is honorary president, the actual command shall Drake. After the failure of the attack on the Canary Islands is directed to Puerto Rico.

The Spanish Governor Tello and awaits. Hawkins met with a hail of fire from the strengths of Morro and San Cristobal.

A cannon ball reaches the chamber official. Several are killed and mortally wounded Hawkins. Shortly after die.

HAWKINS: It started as a slave and ended as a privateer in the service of Queen Elizabeth I of England

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