The golden age

of the Pirates

The Pirates

Such were, so the pirates lived on their boats

Who were pirates?

Its origins: Who were the pirates? In many parts of Europe, the continuous state of war had impoverished the country, and created regions of great poverty.

The great wealth that began to arrive from America, and the amount of wealth and treasure legends, led many European countries embark all to America.

Thousands of French, English, Dutch, sailed to escape poverty in America trying to steal boats and mainly in the Spanish colonies.

Why? What were seeking?

Their Motivations: What did the pirates? A lot of adventurers, headed to America, and were located mainly in the Caribbean. This was a place of passage of trade between America and Europe

He soon took to piracy to see who was the fastest way to get rich, stealing gold and other riches. Assaulting boats with riches, and later even cities.

They focused especially on board the ships that transported goods. Advantage of all the captured ships, they sold the goods, and even ship passengers as slaves, but could get a ransom for them ..

How were their boats

Your Boats: sailing ships had very fast, and that his mission was to reach and address the great galleons laden with goods, that crossed the Atlantic in the Caribbean concentrating before starting the trip to Europe.

Naos, pinnaces, sloops, etc., very fast boats that made it easy to achieve the task but slow heavy ships full of valuable goods.

The speed of their ships was their main weapon. Surprised to boats in the area and dealt ruthlessly.



The time pirate

The centuries XV, XVI, XVII, was the most famous pirate era

Their struggles and approaches

corsario, pirata, bucanero

Their struggle: How fighting pirates? They wanted to seize commercial ships laden with riches and for this they prepared for boarding.

With their arms, trying not to damage the goods, and important passengers, who were on the ship. Since this was the main reason for the assault, getting a good haul.

Its peak

Its best: In Central America, especially the Caribbean, had the peak in the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries.

For 200 years, some islands as Turtle Island, Jamaica, or Bahamas, were his refuge. To the Pirates were their bases and permanent camps.

Literature recreated their exploits and later made the film identified with a free life in paradise islands.

The End and disappearance

His disappearance: Agreements between European countries, made corralling them out until his disappearance and extinction.

Spain Allowing American colonies of France, England and Holland in the islands and even on the continent, made these countries stop using them for their purposes and they practically chased her disappearance.