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Islands, Places and cities related to privateers and pirates

One of the first Spanish colonies in the Caribbean.

Known as San Juan in its colonization. As a place of control and provisioning, it was heavily fortified.

Stalked by French, English, Dutch, suffered several attempts of occupation, getting rejected most of them.

After a long journey across the Atlantic Ocean, through the Strait of Magellan, they were exhausted, no water, no food.

Mocha Island in Chile, was for them, the Pacific gateway.

He had to be depopulated, because she came to shelter pirates and provisioned.

Small Spanish colony, it became the most important British colony and became from its origins, in the paradise of the Caribbean pirates.

From Jamaica they left hundreds of expeditions, some of thousands of pirates. It was a haven for pirates and privateers in the service of England.

The Pirate and Corsair time

The sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, are the most famous pirate era

How he got through a poor country, with little agriculture, small population, thousands of poor and unemployed roaming the streets, a naval power.

Thousands of jobless people wandering around London, they were embarking for America. England were the wealth of treasures by contributing with their assaults on ships and possessions of the Spanish Crown.

Its shape gave the name Turtle and its strategic position made it one of the most famous pirate nest.

Located in a strategic location, opposite the island of Spanish, was the nightmare of the Spanish, by the continuous attacks on its ships.

His brethren of the coast was the best organized of the Caribbean pirate group.

The Pirates had their favorite places and Islands

What occupied islands ?. What places preferred attacking ?.

There are islands and places that have experienced pirates have either been attacked by them for centuries.

In its history they are reflected facts of piracy.

Some islands were fortified to prevent frequent pirate attacks.

mar del corsario

Pirates life on these islands have made them famous

Some pirates were shelters, others became famous for its fortifications against them

Some populations of the islands, this has forced them to fortify themselves against threats from pirate attacks. The Spanish Crown had to send their best military architects and their works still remain.

Over time solid and practically impregnable fortifications were built.

Other islands are famous for being centers supplying pirate ships and their venues. There organizing festivals and gold and silver were spent his boots, sometimes in just a few days.



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