The Pirates



Life Pirates of the Caribbean: A sea full of boats with great riches

The Adventures of Pirates of the Caribbean Sea

Europeans to the Caribbean Pirates

They set their ships to defend and continued as it always had a pending war.

In their war against Espa & ntilde; on the support of England, encouraged privateers, and the war of attrition.

With the support and funding of Queen Elizabeth I decided to raid the Spanish possessions.

There are some areas of piracy with numerous islands, and where it is easier to hide

Privateers and Pirates of the Caribbean

Lived better than the sailors of the time thanks to the robbery.

Terrorized sailors and their boats seized ..

The money was spent between wild parties and large drunkenness.

They chose a form of risky short-lived.

Pirates adventures and their way of life has become famous.

Ate more times than other sailors of the time, albeit with much alcohol.

Children's Stories Pirates of the Caribbean

Persistent and tenacious got his prey chasing after several days and seized the gold galleon.

A pirate who did not drink and liked the music. To teach morality to his men.

Pirates in search of Caribbean Treasures

A sea with nearly 1,000 islands in a key location for the passage of ships during the colonization of America.

The Caribbean Sea

Spain was powerless to colonize a thousand islands and vast territories in America.

An ideal place for pirates and privateers who preyed rich Spanish colonies and hid moving from island to island .

piratas del Caribe


Corsairs Celebrities and Pirates of the Caribbean Sea

The privateer Francis Drake, his life and his travels

Francis Drake had the support of Queen Elizabeth I of England .

He assaulted by surprise to still unprotected Spanish colonies in the Pacific , taking great wealth.

John Hawkins started the English smuggling and trafficking of African slaves

Funded by the City of London smuggling and trafficked in slaves

He was rewarded by Queen Elizabeth I of England and became Admiral of the Navy.

Walter Raleig collaborated on the first English colony in North America

With your help the first Anglo colony was established in present-day North Carolina.

He named Virginia in honor of Queen Elizabeth I

France: The French begin Piracy

Francis I is with France broke and has no weapons or money to deal with Spain.

Decides to provide protection privateers and even boats in exchange for a share of the spoils to be achieved robbing Spanish ships .

de piratas

Netherlands: An endless war that ruined Spain

By giving Carlos V the Kingdom of Spain to his son, the Netherlands does not recognize Felipe II, as their King and Sovereign. A long war, supported by Britain and France is triggered.

Start a 80-year war that led to the ruin and decline Spanish . The Spanish fleet was besieged, from Flanders, France and England.


England: Not having enough marine war fosters the privateers

By not having enough navy to declare war on Spain to privateers was used.

England became rich and could face covertly Spain, weakening.


Trivia Pirates of the Caribbean

The life of pirates in the Caribbean Sea

The pirates were looking for a pleasant way of life albeit short, a good life without work and money.

Removing exceptions, as some of the Corsairs, only had ambition and ruthlessness . They wanted to get rich as quickly as possible, at any price.


Pirate attacks, their tactics

The pirates were professionals weapons . Their way of living depended on his ability to know how to use.

They were mercenaries del Mar , whose reward was the booty.

piratas del Caribe

Parties and entertainment Pirates

After weeks or months looking for prey or escaping. Tucked into a boat, in appalling conditions, his dream was to land, and have fun with big pirate parties .

Therefore they arrive at the shelter, debauchery was the norm. They got drunk, betting, fornicating, etc.

los piratas

The end of his life and his achievements

Life at that time was very hard, all day working in slave-like conditions. Therefore pirates chose a short but pleasant life .

The pirates usually died in combat, hanging, or also victims of terrible diseases.

los piratas

Curiosities of the most famous pirates

There were some pirates who stood out for its elegance, culture, initiative, cruelty etc.

Some were initiated in piracy greed, hunger or for love. Others just as a hobby, power and gold.

los piratas

The Pirate food was better than other sailors of the time

Rotting meat, biscuits and rotten stinking water was too common.

When there was not even that, hunger took possession of the boat, making a horror.


Pirates Stories for Children


A pirate patiently waited and got his treasure

A patient Pirate: Pierre Le Grand.

This is the story of a pirate, who knew how to wait patiently for his big break.



An elegant, gentlemanly and polite Pirate

Bartholomew Roberts: Few pirates have had this legend of elegant gentleman.


Pirates worldwide

There have always been pirates on the seas and currently ongoing


The Mediterranean Sea

Has a history of pirates, Christians, Turks and Berbers.

The Caribbean Sea

With its hundreds of islands, was the ideal place for pirates and privateers who robbed the rich Spanish colonies. A must for Golden Galleon step.

The Indian Ocean

And places the Horn of Africa in the Indian, still today a very dangerous by the presence of Somali pirates place.

Indochina Seas

Places plagued waypoint islands and sea routes.

Piracy in the world

Pirates in Somalia today

Somalia, a country without a strong central government, is the paradise of modern pirates.

These pirates assaulted about 350 boats every year and pose more than 50 camps where they prepare their atta

Pirates of the Caribbean

Desperate, dreamers, penniless noblemen, who added fugitives and offenders felt the call of the Caribbean.

Very dangerous people, sailed the Caribbean and became pirates.

Barbary Pirates

From the XVI-XVIII century ravaged the coasts of the Western Mediterranean.

The Turkish power, supported them. Under their protection, the pirates were becoming more numerous, strong and bold.

Pirates and Corsairs Turks The Turks began their expasión the Eastern Mediterranean Sea.

The conquest of Cyprus, allowed to have bases.


Pirates and Corsairs Cristianos Christian Reyes also used privateers to attack both ships, as populations of other Mediterranean countries. de los piratas

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