What is the difference between the Pirates? ¿Privateers, Buccaneers, Filibusteros ..?

Main Types of Pirates: Raiders, Buccaneers, Filibusteros ..

There were differences between the pirates

There are several types of Piracy. What is now known by Pirates, is a way to encompass a set of seafarers. Although similar actions, targets were sometimes different.

These differences between Pirates and Corsairs depended crossing or not a line. However at times for various reasons the Corsairs had just becoming Pirates or vice versa.

This causes great confusion. The nuances of each of these types are not known.

Mujer pirata

Piracy: A violent way of life

A dependent of a King, others were free men

His life was a gamble fighting to achieve a good haul

A world and a way of living and dying . In many cases a number of circumstances made ​​people usually ended up leading a life as risky and short. A life dedicated to theft and violence. Always has been said about the pirates, but has confused them with pirates and there are differences between them . In many cases some had just becoming another or pursuing them.

There was a time when kings used to privateers, for all kinds of purposes: undeclared wars, bailouts, booties, etc. As a result they were enriched in an easy way and without significant risks.


The Pirates were thieves sea

The great temptation, the wealth of the other

Defined as a person who, along with others of equal status, are dedicated to addressing ships at sea to steal. It is believed that is derived from a Greek word "peirao" which means "undertaking" or "he who seeks fortune" or "striving". Yes but to steal the work or the riches of others.

These people for the sole purpose of personal gain, getting big booty after the capture of ships and sell everything of value captured the ship, artillery, slaves, and rescues passengers.

It can be said that the pirate was a common thief sea, often bloody, but getting by good I wanted.

The pirates were freemen

Les moved freedom and ambition

The pirates did not depend on anyone , nor were accountable to anyone. On the other hand did not have the protection of any country and were persecuted by all those whose ships were attacked.

His actions could be brutal, as was his law Greed and in order to get the precious metals, they could do anything even torture or kill.

Experts: in handling weapons

Mercenaries experienced in dealing

Mar thieves taking advantage of the fear that they had to be experienced mercenaries in the melee. Took advantage of their numerical superiority and the speed of their ships . His ships were fast and just did the pirates and their weapons, to seize cargo ships, with little crew and sailors inexperienced with weapons.

Their method of fighting was fundamentalmete destroy the ship sails, preventing their ability to maneuver and escape. Then they could make an approach and win most of the time.

corsario famoso

Corsairs and Kings

Associated with the kings became pirates

Letter of Marque: It is said the boat that goes to corso, patent government of his nación.Es say a country granted a permit called " Letter of Marque ".

Thanks to this patent the boat could practice piracy against ships of enemy countries, in exchange for a share of the spoils.

You could say that the Raider was a "sponsored" by a Country pirate.

Corsairs: Pirates of the King

One child in exchange for protection booty

Corso (career) denomination with which indicated that a particular armed and had chartered a boat to capture and plunder the maritime traffic, a government enemy countries.

With this license had protection but also required them to be of service to the Crown and were accountable to it.

Corsairs: Good business for all

Booty and covert war

These individuals recovering the investment with the booty with boats and small cities capturadas.Tambien demanded ransoms passengers and sold slaves captured.

Part of this loot the nation's wearing that granted the patent , in exchange for their protection and to use its ports. They could only be considered safe in their own country's ports. They also afforded protection, theoretically Corsair could not be hanged for carrying letters of marque, if it was captured by the enemy ..

The cast of the New World by the hegemonic countries of the Age Spain and Portugal, with the support of the Pope, made emerging countries like France and later England, entorpecieran the maritime traffic and take out great benefits, in an undeclared war.

This was the method used by the nations, that part of the extracted riches of America by the Spaniards, reaching their hands.

It was a covert war that was wearing and entorpeciento the expasión of Spain in Europe, having to watch their own costs and protect their colonies.


The Buccaneers and Pirates

Hunters seeking more

The Buccaneers were hunters who were preparing smoked meat to sell it ships. Some also made ​​piracy if the occasion arose.

It has been said of them that besides hunters were pirates. They lived in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries indulged in looting of Spanish overseas possessions.

Initially they lived mostly in uninhabited parts of the Spanish (currently are two different countries: Dominican Republic and Haiti) . In the Dominican Republic it remained Spanish colonies and is still spoken Spanish (Castilian). And in Haiti speak French, as this part of the island was ceded to France in 1697. After 200 years of Spanish presence on the island.

On this island there was much left won by the Spaniards. These cattle without suffering the risk of natural predators, had freely reproduced. Therefore had proliferated in large quantities. It was relatively easy to hunt because in mostly descended from pets abandoned.

The Bucan: Smoked meat

The natives of the islands taught his method of conservation

Bucanero, comes from bucan (smoked) , and initially dedicated to livestock, hunt, is smoked and sold. They were fortunate to learn from indigenous technology to smoke the meat on a grill. Thanks to this, hunting was prepared and smoked. In this manner could be stored for months meat.

Later, some of them were devoted to hack, since they were located in a strategic position, passing ships with all kinds of riches.

It was very tempting watching boats loaded with large amounts of wealth and sell only a little meat.

Surprise Attacks authentic armies Buccaneers

They joined for large attacks

They came to attack people and liked to be in small populations of settlers on Sunday morning. At that time the town that used to be gathered in the church, was caught by surprise. Once occupied population, committed atrocities, torturing and killing their inhabitants to indicate them and handed their money or valuables.

The most famous buccaneer was Morgan . He came to unite two thousand buccaneers and 40 ships. After crossing the jungle from the Atlantic to the Pacific and arrived assaulted Panama . The deprotected with just 400 professional soldiers city, and 1700 slaves and settlers without military preparation was taken. Its inhabitants were tortured to reveal where they had hidden their wealth and treasures.

Given such a feat, England rewarded him by appointing him Lord and Governor of Jamaica.


Pirates Filibusters

A multitude of islands could be his lair

The Buccaneers were a group of Pirates, the seventeenth century some of the many groups that infested the Caribbean Sea.

It coincided with the beginning of the decline of the Spanish Empire. What worsened conditions for maintenance of colonies of the Empire.

As the Spanish Empire in the world the largest in history, it was very difficult to control in full. The Spanish possessions in America did not have sufficient oversight for its vast expanse. A major difficulty was the multitude of islands exist in the Caribbean, where it is easy to hide or shelter.

They had many places to hide , especially in the Caribbean Sea. Was facilismo stay out of the laws and hide near a passage of Spanish galleons laden with riches.

Pirates of buccaneers

Some buccaneers wanted more to hunt

Al Buccaneers group that turned into pirates , are also called filibusters.

The name some say it comes from the English word "freebooter" (Marauder).

Other type of boat they liked best use, light and fast boat. Some say it comes from a derivative of Dutch meaning "predator".

Brethren of the Coast

Pirates organization

Simple hunters and Buccaneers, the most violent filibusters were pirates.

They continued to operate mainly on the island of Spanish, a strategic place where they spent the galleons and neighboring islands such as Turtle Island.

They came to create genuine partnerships , which lasted many years, as the Brethren of the Coast.

In it apart from a few small personal belongings, most had communal goods such as ships and land. It was an exclusively male association.



Selecting the world of Pirates and Corsairs

barco corsario

Barbary Pirates and Corsairs

They lived in the Mediterranean Sea

A set of historical facts, made ​​in North Africa , appeared a few privateers states.

For centuries these cities states, practiced piracy throughout the Mediterranean.

They were the scourge of the Spanish coast and southern Europe , so much so that there were areas where the population moved some kms inland.

To stay more protected from pirates and react to their sudden arrivals, towers and surveillance systems were created.

Pirates of Corsairs of the Turks

Found in the Turkish-Ottoman Empire salvation

The Turks North Africa divided into three provinces, commanding each put a governor.

These provinces had great autonomy, especially coastal ports. The only condition was that they should pay taxes to the Ottoman Empire.

Since these pirates states for centuries numerous expeditions came to attack the shores of the Mediterranean.

Moreover the expulsion of the Moriscos from Spain, made some of them would support the pirates and corsairs republics of Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco and some points.

Turkey supported the attacks of the Berbers to weaken Spain and prevent seize the Eastern Mediterranean

He slowed the expansion of Spain in the East

Piracy in the Mediterranean, survived for many centuries, for the support of France, Turkey , and the secret agreements of the Venetians.

The Turkish Ottoman Empire, saw the danger of the Spanish Empire . Its successive defeats at the hands of the Spaniards, caused by the troops of Corona first Site Vienna, and then in the Battle of Lepanto, in which the League will maritima destroyed his fleet soon saw Spain also dominate the Mediterranean Sea Oriental putting them in danger.

He considered it appropriate to maintain occupied the Spanish navy, with pirate attacks in the Western Mediterranean, to them calmly control the Eastern Mediterranean, where were their costs and their main subjects.

France ally and protector of the Barbary Pirates

Barrier against Spain and business

France was first with suspicion and fear after the Spanish hegemony in Europe. He was surrounded by the Spanish possessions : Flanders territories in areas of Germany, Austria and Central Europe and central and southern Italy. Besides the Spanish naval fleet controlled the l Western Mediterranean.

Therefore he established secret alliances with the Turks and the Barbary Pirates. Achieving thereby some protection of their coasts of the Mediterranean. Also achieved fruitful business relations with Turkish ports and Berbers, where they could dock and trading ships.

Venice secret agreements to keep trade

It is only mattered trade

Venice an entire maritime power , had as its priority to maintain commercial traffic with the East. Normally entered into business agreements with the Turks, except for times when he found himself in danger.

On these occasions he joined forces with the European alliances as in the case of the Battle of Lepanto. Yet he chose to redo trade agreements with the Turks, who end the Turkish fleet .



Selecting the world of Pirates and Corsairs

European countries England, France, Holland against Spain and Portugal

Against the hegemony of the Iberian Union (Spain and Portugal)

The main European countries viewed with suspicion, the division of the Indies (America) between Spain and Portugal, with the support of the Pope, and created unrest among European States.

Some countries, coveting the wealth of the Indies, and unable to participate in the Oligopoly, decided to support their Corsairs. This gave them big booties, and only had to wait, to steal boats full of riches that came from America to Europe.

Although they did not care to attack any vessel to provide them with a good haul. But owning Spain's Near America with more mines and treasures, Spanish ships were preferred. The Mexican Empire Inca etc, was held by the Spanish and therefore their treasures

mapa europa

Pirates and Corsairs English

Supported by Queen Elizabeth I came to name them Lords

The decision of Alexander VI that the church would support the sharing of America between Spain and Portugal , leaving England was involved in trade and the wealth of America.

In addition suspicion booming representing Spain, makes England decides to seize the wealth and reduce the Spanish power, a semi covertly, by naval fleet. Begins to grant patents massively Corso armed ships by individuals. The King is supporting the English Corsairs.

The Queen Elizabeth I especially emphasized by the support given to the Corsairs, who came to naming Knights. Getting great wealth thanks to them.

Pirates to British Corsairs

A covert war with big booties

The most famous English privateer Francis Drake was. After two years of waiting, got an audience with Queen Elizabeth I, and proposed to attack the Spanish possessions in the Pacific.

Having achieved Pat Corso and with the help of the Queen. With five ships, crossed the Strait of Magellan, and managed to reach the Pacific Ocean. It catching by surprise the Spaniards looted bare colonies along the coast.

Finding out the direction of the Golden Galleon running along the coast, pursued him for a month to catch up. Posing as an overloaded merchant ship, who needed help persuaded the galleon tacked to meet him.

When Captain Spanish, was interested in the status of the merchant, they blew a gun one of the candles and were addressed. Caught by surprise, the Spaniards did not have time to take up arms, nor fire their powerful guns. They found themselves helpless against 180 armed to the teeth privateers. The captured booty was immense.

Following the example of Francis Drake

Many British wanted to imitate

Drake enriched their Queen Elizabeth I with the fabulous booty, and in appreciation of the English Crown, was knighted.

A large number of Englishmen wanted to imitate and easily get rich. England was created that came at that time, a thousand expeditions to America. Nearly a quarter of them, seemed about the dangers of the sea and disease.

From the British possessions in the Caribbean, systematically attacked the Spanish possessions.

Especially the island of Jamaica was based in the Caribbean. Its capital Port Royal, was a veritable nest of pirates under the support of the British Crown.


Pirates and Corsairs French

The capture of the treasure of Montezuma discovered them the riches of the New World

France was the first European potential pirates and privateers used to attack the Spanish possessions. The privateer Jean Florin, attacked a Spanish galleon, with such success that was carrying the treasure taken from Moctezuma in Mexico. News of obtaining such fabulous booty, made many pirates and privateers, both of France, and other countries, departed for America.

France at war with Spain , also took advantage of the Corsairs, to enrich themselves and desgaritar its naval fleet.

Owned ships and crews especially Normandy and Brittany, since before the sixteenth century, made trips to the West Indies and Brazil

Although less known that the English privateers, the French were the first Caribbean Pirates and Corsairs . A large group settled in the Spanish (now the Dominican Republic and Haiti), and being expelled by the Spanish, French part of these were devoted to piracy.

They not only attacked ships, but even small towns and even Cartagena de Indias (Colombia). They also succeeded in installing it in areas of Florida, but were expelled by the Spanish.


Pirates and Corsairs Dutch

They began as merchants and ended up as pirates to see the wealth of the Spanish colonies

The Dutch who had suffered the Spanish occupation of their country , decided to seize the wealth of America, which were in the hands of the Spaniards.

With the support of the Dutch East India Company , decided to send several expeditions Dutch privateers, who came to rob even cities, harshly in their actions.

Although they began commercial activities, and tried to install factories mainly in the Pacific coast, both fishing as meat, practiced smuggling supported by the Dutch East India Company.

They made ​​a historical fact as they heading for the Caribbean entire fleet of ships, succeeded in one of its most spectacular action, capturing the Silver fleet.

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