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Turtle Island

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Island Tortuga: Pirates and Corsairs

In the Caribbean Sea, the famous island Turtle nest of pirates

Island Tortuga

Its shape gave the name

This small island is less than 40 km long and 8 km wide. For would find near the Spanish island, it was along with the island of Jamaica one of the most important nesting filibusters.

Reefs, mountains and natural harbor made it a refuge for pirates.


Island Hopping

Turtle Island reach fleeing the Spanish soldiers

The attempt to control the total Caribbean by the Crown of Spain, became impossible. The vast areas of the colonies in Latin covering the entire coast from Florida to Argentina was impossible to meet the fleet of ships.

Since the evacuation of the island of San Cristobal in 1629 and later the Spanish island, buccaneers spread across the Caribbean. Spain to leave the island in 1939, a change that would keep for years in the hands of those pirates that he came to be called filibusters.

Occupied and fortified by French

Pirates, traders and settlers

With the arrival of a group of French commanding Levasseur from the eviction of the island of San Cristobal, the situation changed completely. They were not a disorganized pirates, the French came to stay. He was a man with experience as it had been one of the inhabitants of the island of San Cristobal that was settled with the support of Cardinal Richelieu even creating a company for exploitation.

Occupied the island, built a fort with cannons on the highest peak. They brought settlers who cultivated the land and prepared so popular smoked meat "Bucan" which was one of the foods that sailors and pirates long time was kept.

Thus it became a safe hideout for pirates filibuster. It soon filled with them and enjoyed a good place to base for their expeditions pirates raiding Spanish ships and even small towns.

Even merchants soon arrived to do business. Pirates needed places to sell stolen items and buy the supplies to their ships. In this way they could buy gunpowder, weapons, fabrics, etc.

Spain fails to recover the island (1640)

Too many filibusters to face them and already had a fort with cannons

Spain in 1640 seeing again that the island was not only occupied by the pirates, but they were even becoming stronger in it, I wanted to return to evict them. She was not going to allow people who spoke other languages, with other religions and also raided their ships, have the protection of a whole nest of pirates.

But things were not like before. No longer faced pirate groups that life is not complicated and that there was booty but were always ready to flee at any other Caribbean island. The Spanish encountered numerous pirates and even hardened fortifications from afar endangering their ships on landing. After heavy losses they had to withdraw.

Spain attacked the island and destroyed the shelter (1654)

The pirates returned again as the Spaniards left

Spain again in 1654 attacked the island. Seeing the pirates could not overcome decide to flee. But the pirates returned to occupy when the Spaniards left.


French repopulation of the island (1664)

French majority for women brought from France for pirates  

Held by the French Company of the West Indies named as French governor Bertrand D'Oregon who again organized the island and wanted to ensure control by moving from France to French residents to obtain a majority.

He brought from France to women of all kinds to which they were offered a new life as wives of pirates. The initiative caught on and quickly increase the French population of the island.

The Association Hermanos Costa

It lasted until 1689 this pirate organization

Only free men, regardless of their name, their nationality, their religion, their past. Led by a council of elders. All properties were common lands, boats, etc.  



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