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ISLA MOCHA: Pirates and Corsairs

In Chile, Mocha Island was the gateway to the Pacific 0ceano

Mocha Island in Chile

Strategic location

After reaching the Pacific Ocean expeditions pirate ships were without supplies and desperately seeking a safe place to stock water and food.

The long Atlantic crossing and the difficult passage of the South American continent, made them reach the Pacific Ocean exhausted, no food, no water.

It said the privateer Francis Drake, to reach Chile, did not dare attack the city of Valdivia, at the sight of their guns.


The miraculous appearance of the island of Mocha, gave the opportunity to stock up and recover from the long journey, with relative security, without feeling threatened by the Spaniards.

Isla Mocha


A rich island with crops, fisheries and livestock.

The islanders were skilled farmers and fishermen.

Although the Spaniards at first, the savage considered, after it was proved that they were wrong.

Francis Drake made it to the Pacific

He captured and forced a Portuguese driver

Only those routes dominated Spanish navigators, and had the best charts at that time in the area.

There was the annexation Portugal to the Spanish crown, Felipe II. King claimed his rights to the throne Portuguese, since her mother was Portuguese. In the vast expanses of the Spanish colonies in America, he joined Brazil and other Portuguese colonies in Africa and Asia. The Spanish Crown controlled a vast maritime empire, from Europe, America, Africa and Asia.

During that time, Portuguese sailors, sailed by these Pacific routes, hitherto unknown to other Europeans. Drake captured a Portuguese driver in the coast of Africa, in one of his trips capture slaves and forced him to accompany him and guide him across the Pacific.

Francis Drake was attacked on the island in 1577

He lost two men, preferring to go

The island was the salvation of Francis Drake, as it allowed him habituallarse, but it also created problems. He attacked the inhabitants of the island, lost several men, and reportedly also suffered the same injury, so he preferred to leave the island quickly.

Enraged, he attacked and plundered the small port of Valparaiso.


Strategic Location

Located 35 kms from the coast

A safe distance relative to the Chilean Coast island, preparing to enter the Pacific.

Place of supply

Stop for boaters

After a long journey, and the enormous difficulties of crossing the Strait of Magellan, allowing ships to stock up on food and water.

The history of the island is a dispute between two communities

Mocha Island in continuous confrontation

The story of a small island divided into two communities, ongoing dispute between them through the countries.

Without an initial interest to the Spanish Empire, but later he had to be depopulated to prevent privateers and pirates take refuge in it.


The Spanish colonies along the coast almost unprotected

For over 70 years, Pacific Coast, were unprotected

The difficulty of reaching the Pacific, made it thought that there would be attacks on the towns, so almost were not protected. Besides the cities they had small population, so they were very vulnerable.

It was assumed that only Spanish and Portuguese navigators, knew these coasts. Since Portugal at that time also it belonged to the Spanish Empire.

The Dutch between 1610 and 1670 went through the island of Mocha.

They tried to set up colonies to trade.

They wanted to force Spain to establish business relationships. They tried to create colonies, and establish trade relations with the natives.


Spain depopulated the island in 1680 to prevent a refuge for pirates

Refuge for sailors and pirates and place of supply

With the vastness of the Spanish possessions, they did not consider the island as a landmark. In the first moment.

The demonstration that was an ideal refuge for corsairs, had to rethink its policy, since it was used as a place of refuge and supplies.



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