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ENGLAND: Corsairs and Pirates in the English Channel

Thanks to pirates and privateers, managed

Origin of Piracy in England

How did England go from being a poor country to dominate the seas?

How did you get the technical and maritime expertise?

How did you create your pirate ship and used force to get new colonies?

A covert war which obtained wealth, technology and the foundations of his future empire.


In 1500 England was a poor island without industry

Small population and living in small villages

With a small population of some four million people. The vast majority living in small villages in the countryside. Often a miserable life by the abuse of landowners.

People flee from the villages in search of better living conditions and slavery of landowners.

The only city is London. And thousands of people come to it, looking forward to work and prosper.

There is work for all and the only way out is the sea, with privateering expeditions to Latin supported by some kings.

Piracy in England

No marine trade were poor, idle and watch ships with rich cargoes

England and met all the conditions to be a nest of pirates. A poor and backward country when compared with some areas of Italy, Flanders and countries with numerous colonies throughout the world and with a rich international trade, as were Spain and Portugal.

These rich countries were always scarce marine, as their extensive routes made ​​a large marina needed to connect and supply their colonies.
But in England his sailors were idle and unemployed by the small trade of the country.

But before his eyes by the Channel they passed all kinds of goods. Flanders and Antwerp in particular was a commercial center used mainly by Spain and Portugal to distribute their products throughout Northern Europe and also buy cloths and some industrial products.

Portugal had its own wines, as valued species, wood and precious stones brought from East or Brazil. Spain wines, cereals Mediterranean, gold, silver and amazing products of America.

Pirates and their protectors Lords

Piracy fast, easy money and social prestige

The social prestige of piracy and its main leaders was known to all. At meetings of high society participation it was commonplace.With the money obtained amounted on the social ladder and families controlled the business.

Other famous pirates and came from noble family with the best education.

With this culture, we should not wonder that famous famous pirates even as wild as Morgan were promoted to governors.

The other pirates were received with honors giving them a title, ascendiéndoles thus the nobility.

Too common was that the landowners would support bandits and pirates in exchange for a significant share of the spoils.

And this became so professional that every bureaucratic network is financed so that there were problems with the business.


Families of pirate lore

Everything a business with a history of generations dedicated to piracy

These families some with generations in this lucrative business, buying the boat performed and supplies, bribes to officials, monetary details for the nobles turned a blind eye and paid the pirates were those doing the most dangerous job.

The stolen goods were responsible for the distribution in London or in other ports by their accomplices for sale respectable.

Traders of the stolen. A tradition and a covert network to sell stolen by pirates. They even have their own accommodation during their stay while doing transactions required.

Piracy unpunished

Corruption among judges and nobles with a social network that protected

Except for a few cases the majority of pirate attacks were not punished. Only when entrepreneurs on their own were caught received their due punishment.

In most cases pirates hired by the families receiving assistance if necessary and intervened influences or bribes. Such was the framework that both judges and legislators had its complement in some way. Only in certain cases when they attacked government property or high aristocrats were punished by hanging, though usually with a light sentence were free.

And as regards pirate attacks abroad was no reason to feel any fear of marque as guaranteed.

Some English kings tried to combat piracy on the island

Some withdrew many of them transformed themselves into pirates pirates for their benefit

When English pirates had before it a fair game tended to forget the origin and the flag of the ship. The pirate term, ie sea robbers, was not exactly as happened. Before constantly receiving complaints of abuses kings of the pirates, who even attacked the English ships, most of the kings were trying to avoid. Some got it for a while, but the pirates returned to their old ways. This was because there were too many nobles, landowners or commanders of the navy involved receiving good income from piracy.

In the time of Henry II, trade was stagnant because few boats ventured out to sea. It enhanced the Navy and managed to reduce it considerably. Edward I and Edward II followed the same policy.

After this monarch, there was a decline of naval traffic again by the presence of pirates. The merchants formed an alliance "The league of 5 ports" that made control of ships. In return they could assault ships of other nations. But eventually they were dedicated to rob everyone who passed through his area, acting as pirates themselves.

Henry VI the situation remained chaotic. Each port had its own pirate captains, raiding ships arriving from neighboring ports. Each assault was received upon arrival at the port with a victory celebration.

Henry VII used so-called "Letters of reprisals" that allowed the carrier to assault boats nationality had caused him damage, so I still authorized to carry out their own justice. In theory the appropriation of the goods of the other boat must be of the same amount, but over time began excesses. And the method was applied to long complicated the situation further.

Other kings, including Queen Elizabeth I saw the opportunity to provide a solution to the unemployed and idecidieron convert pirates corsairs at your service, taking part of the profits in exchange for protection from other countries.

Elizabeth I exported piracy with corsairs

The Queen was enriched with pirates

The list of people affected by piracy was huge. Although the Queen of England would bring order and punish piracies could not. A very important part of the country benefited from it. It was not a new problem, piracy of England and in ancient times, the Romans brought crazy.

The capture foreign ships mostly Spanish and Portuguese was very good benefits and continuously traveling along the English Channel. Ambassadors complaints were frequent because few countries were spared their assaults.

Queen Elizabeth also decided to join piracy and financed expeditions, yes to America. And what made it big as it provided the largest ship of England "Jesus of Lubeck" Hawkins a famous smuggler and slave. And I contacted investors who provided the rest of the fleet. 

So while fighting piracy off the coast of his country, he promoted abroad by example with his famous expeditions supporting and providing letters of marque .. Thus while it enriched, weakening his enemy forcing him to maintain a expensive fleet in defense of their possessions in America and in Flanders, which previously Spain had no reason to do so.   


Spain discovered America and its wealth come to Europe

The news reached England and was the hope of many English

News of the discovery of new and vast lands. Full of all kinds of riches. Unknown lands go off. Virgin land for agriculture. And above all riches, gold and silver in quantity. The Spanish and Portuguese, take them out of the mines and bring them to Europe in huge galleons.

The hungry and overcrowded London, people see the ability to easily get rich. Desperately seeking ways to embark for America. The solution to their problems, is in the new land.

Elizabeth I (1558-1603) A queen with vision and investment

He got rid of the unemployed population that created problems and also was enriched

Elizabeth I saw the solution to your problems. The future of his people were in the Sea through the sea, he could find work for unemployed and their subjects while bringing England needed goods.

She wanted to participate than it could provide what they called 'Mine' of the Spaniards. He saw that the best way to get rich was to steal Spain, when brought from America to Europe.

Contrary to the views of their aristocrats who saw this type of action was not like knights, he became involved providing resources to encourage privateering expeditions.

And it authorized the formation of privateering expeditions. The English Crown did not cost anything, because they were funded by individuals. But received a share of the booty captured from the Spaniards, for each license granted Corso.

He even ships mainly provide one of the most famous pirates Hawkins. Therefore, this corsair received the largest ship in England on "Jesus of Lubeck" also linked him with its support capitalists who financed his expeditions. They gave him four boats with which to undertake the business.

English privateers also seeking naval technology and information

As important as the information Gold was safe routes by ocean

Corsair captains were usually people with knowledge and preparation. The Queen did not meet with anyone who was not wealthy, noble or who had done some feat that gave its good fruit for the Crown, either in gold or land class.

Captains English pirates not only stayed with the gold of the galleons, but also sought other information that could be useful to them.

The catch in 1579 of a boat with navigation charts from Manila (Philippines) route Acapulco (Mexico) was very important because he spent to English to a safe route across the Pacific Ocean to the Spanish had cost them many expeditions during during nearly 100 years. The costly investment in Spain for more than a century had many benefits, but also loss of ships and men for lack of adequate information flows, sourcing locations etc.

During the period of membership of Portugal to Spain to capture a ship and kidnapping of a Portuguese driver let him know that the Pacific route around America. This knowledge had only Spanish and Portuguese sailors from the annexation Portugal to the Spanish Crown. Thanks to this I can take over the kidnapping Galleon silver.

The capture of the Portuguese ship San Felipe was a very important source as England won all information also free Indian, with major ports where provisioned and conditions to do so. On this basis they could create effective and profitable from the moment the East India Company.

All this was very important as the Spanish and the Portuguese brought to America over 100 years and exploring routes almost 200 years.


Hawkins and Drake

Pirates and Corsairs slave to Queen

Drake started in life at sea from very young. Being just a boy Hawkins sailed with his uncle, made numerous expeditions to Africa for slaves.

His method of sale of slaves was very peculiar. It was traveling from Africa to America, with its human cargo. There he went to a small Spanish colony where landed, and if I could installed some guns towards the population. At that time there were only in Latin Spanish and Portuguese colonies.

Thus it getting a good position to start negotiating. That was the original way to begin negotiations to sell Africans. Always got very high prices. Otherwise small populations could face the consequences. On more than one occasion he showed them what I could do, burning some houses.

The example of the fabulous treasure of Drake

She caught by surprise Galleon Plate

Francis Drake, knowing how little they were defended the Spanish possessions in the Pacific Ocean, prepared an expedition and managed to cross the Strait of Magellan, from the Pacific Ocean.

The Pacific for nearly 100 years, only they were navigated by Spanish and Portuguese ships. Captured a Portuguese pilot (Portugal belonged to the Spanish Empire at that time) in one of his expeditions in search of slaves to Africa, forced him to accompany him. Thanks to him he was able to cross the Strait of Magellan and appear by surprise in the Pacific Ocean. This area of ​​America was very quiet as it sailed these waters only Spanish and some Portuguese. Until then there had been no attack or boats or any population.

Posing as a Dutch merchant navigation problems (the Netherlands was a Spanish possession), got the Spaniards they borrowed to his rescue and took by surprise Galleon de la Plata, firing a single gunshot. The Spaniards surprised did not have time to take up arms.

I knighted by Queen Elizabeth I in reward for the capture of the ship, and also because it gave a huge treasure, became very popular and was imitated by hundreds of English expeditions that left for America.


Over 1,000 expeditions

They left England Road America

Trying to get rich in an easy way, hundreds of expeditions were financed.

With the support of Elizabeth I, and bankers and finance Lords it became a booming business.

Many did not arrive

The third died in the Ocean

The difficulties of crossing two months, storms and disease, many of them did not reach to the Caribbean, which was the preferred destination.

Once there joined the colony of buccaneers, filibusters and even settlers in San Cristobal, Turtle, etc.

The more pirate booty jackpot King

Corsair Lords thanks to the booty

These expeditions at the expense of the Spaniards were an excellent school of marine and military with which England was slowly creating its own naval force, but would need almost three centuries to achieve hegemony .

The military and nobles were more considerate who participated in raids on Spanish ships and even populations of the American coast. If you also returned to England with a good haul , part of which the Queen wore, it was not difficult for him to receive all the honors and conferred a title of nobility for services rendered. And they were some examples of such famous pirates like Drake or Morgan.

This Piracy limited maritime traffic between America and Spain , the great insecurity that caused the privateers and pirates.


Navy with letters of marque

Training camp for crews

The need to reach the Spanish ships to assault them and seize their wealth made ​​that creates a navy but by the method of distributing letters of marque.

These experiences made with little risk increase the number of sea piracy that did work.

It began with the exit to the sea from a predominantly peasant population without resources in a crowded London.

They are stealing valuable charts

All the maritime information obtained by other countries

Not only they seized during centuries of ships and their riches but also of all valuable information as naval techniques, maps, descriptions of sea routes with their problems and safe routes etc.

As a result they could have no cost, designs peninsular ships, navigational instruments, weapons.

An example of this is all the information especially knowledge robbed the Portuguese East routes which sat a safe for the creation of the "East India Company" in which his empire was later based bases.


A covert war at sea came to endanger the colonies of America

For 200 years England weakened Spain, without declaring war

After the disaster of the attempt to invade England with the Great Armada, Britain felt safe. With privateering expeditions was enriched, while avoiding the Gold reached the coffers of the Spanish Crown. England increasingly rich and increasingly Spain spending by the need to fortify the American colonies and maintain a Navy coastal defense.

He forced Spain to invest huge amounts of gold in the defense of the American colonies. They had to create convoys escort, to prevent the capture of the galleons. Soon there were two permanent defensive fleets: one in the Caribbean and one in the south of the Spanish peninsula, which did functions Guard.

This greatly limited the piracy maritime traffic between America and Spain, the insecurity caused by the constant attacks of privateers and pirates. The boats only dared to travel in convoys with military grouped twice a year protection.



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