Pirates aboard their ships carried a very dangerous life

Flags, weapons, fighting, death, disease, food, jobs etc. Thus pirates onboard living

vida de los piratas

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They sought a new life full of riches

The great difficulties of life in Europe, made ​​dazzled by the riches of America, many European undertake a trip to those distant lands seeking rich.

They came among them adventurers and trickery , as were many of the Pirates, in order to get rich quickly .

Will not be easy to get wealth, since the mere fact of sailing and the trip on the boat at the time, it was a big risk.

The life while traveling on the pirate ship was very difficult and capturing ships was very dangerous, risked their lives constantly.

The most important European power of the time was the Crown of Spain. The Spanish galleons filled with treasures moved freely through the Caribbean.

At first these ships were lightly armed because no other European country approached by those waters. But they also wanted to participate in the wealth of America and had no ability to directly confront Spain they used another system. They promoted the corsairs and part of the wealth they took no risk.

Therefore the ships plying the route of America were armed and sometimes grouped.

Flags: Black or Red

Decorated with skulls, bones, shields ..

The flags of black or red that hoisted the pirates and the other forces of assault as privateers, buccaneers, filibusters, etc, were to announce that gave no quarter and expected.

The choice was between two choices: surrender or death .


reated by pirate flags of different colors to instill a paralyzing fear and panic among the crews of the ships, or attacked coastal cities.

The first flags are believed to be red, recalling that would shed blood but were given. Although after usual were also black, which are those that have been popularized.

Flags: Jolie rouge or Jolly roger

The pirates also used to wear badges of their country

Etymologically and knowing that the first pirates were French in the West Indies, it is likely that the meaning was the color of blood (in French jolie rouge) but due to the back lleganda of many English degenerated into (English jolly roger) , which is how it ended calling their flags.

The flags Corsair also used to wear a shield or badge representative of his country . In some cases if they had participated in a notorious fact, I reflected on the flag.

Spread terror with skulls, skeletons ..

Caused a terrible fear in their victims

Red or black cloth banners were the colors that you added symbols associated with death and terror , like skulls, skeletons, knives etc. Reminding them that they would have mercy, if not surrendered on time. His ruthlessness has event not associated boat and pirate as dangerous.

Who transmitted the message was to remind the future of cruelty and death that awaited them but surrendered on time , and did not accede to their demands.

Guns and white: pistols, muskets, knives, axes, pikes ..

Unsafe weapons fire, but effective knives

The firearms used, was in keeping with the era, XVI-XVII-XVIII centuries and the objectives they intended to rob the ships.


The knives were knives, swords, spears, axes boarding, rams, pike, halberd, etc

The weapons they used were handguns, musket, arcabuzillo, musket etc. and fired especially at the beginning of the approach, since in melee not had time to recharge.



Selecting the world of Pirates and Corsairs

They tried not to use guns

The guns tore the boat

The accuracy of firearms was very low long distance, single shot, and took too long to recharge.

Moreover the pirates, seizing ships intended to sell the cargo , and passengers if it was interesting, so we were not interested in their future property damage .

They used guns as essential , to frighten, to break the sails of the ship and prevent his flight, passing below the approach.

When they reached the boat, made ​​the approach and with axes broke the sails, to immobilize. After the fire of their weapons first shot pistols and muskets, passed the melee with knives, daggers, etc.

No mercy for the crew and passengers caught

If they had to fight him pay dearly later victims

Both Pirates and Privateers, Buccaneers or filibusters, were people who risked much in return for riches.

Especially the Pirates, who did not respect nor laws, nor Reyes, only cared about getting what he wanted, but had to apply any cruelty.

So that if you catch the crew and passengers of vessels or attacking cities did not involve some benefit , did not hesitate to kill even the most cruel manner.


Death or mutilation fearsome pirates: eyes, legs, arms ..

Mutilations produced during boarding

The death was part of his job , and he had to be very desperate or very ambitious, to lead such a life. In areas such as the Caribbean pirates attacked for centuries.

Merely navigate at the time and living on a boat, with poor living conditions, it was risky. If we add to this, the risks of storms and ocean currents, was risking his life.

Also the way melee combat, by addressing toward them from being maimed or injured on many occasions.

If you caught the authorities of any country, their fate was to die hanged in a public square.


Food: biscuits, meat, cheese, eggs, raisins, fish ..

Ate better than other marine

They ate crackers, smoked or salted meat , raisins, children, cheese etc. When they could fish, incorporating the fish to your diet, which was a bit more varied.

Sometimes brought aboard, animals, sacrificed during the trip, to have fresh meat.

The hens were appreciated, because they provided eggs fresh throughout the journey.




Selecting the world of Pirates and Corsairs

Indispensable work: Repair pirate ships

Boats tuned

When hiking spoiled their boats, taking care of them best. They were his most valuable tool, which depended to reach their prey , and they needed that were in the best possible condition.


Repair, bailing, preparing and repairing sails, maintain and clean their weapons, were part of the routine of his work.

In his ships had two essential tasks: careening and caulking. Both works had to perform them well and they used to pirates themselves. If not well did the work on the ship could enter water and have great difficulty navigating.

Pirates and speed of their ships: careen

Clean the hull of algae and molluscs

Pirate ships maintenance needed to make them the fastest. When hiking the algae and some types of mollusks were fixed to the bottom. Over time reduced the speed of the pirate ships.
The adzes with a very thin sheet will allow booting molluscs helmet .


These cleaning operations of the hull was one of the most dangerous for them now. They might be surprised at work cleaning and would not have time to escape or give battle with their guns.

Chose secluded beaches isolated islands routes to do so. Soon the boat was clean and recovered its usual speed.

Pirates relied on their boats: CAULKING

Prevent water

Until the fourteenth century, ships were made of wood and needed constant maintenance to keep the water flooding into.

Meetings are spoiled with ease and had small inlets that endangered the ship.


To avoid needed caulking boats, emptying the space between the woods, by filling and sealing to ensure that water does not enter .

This work was slow and needed special tools. Depending on the size of the boat could prolong and it also took the opportunity to careen the ship.
The pitarrasa allowed to open the joints of the woods. Used a mallet to hit different irons. Descalcador tipped diagonally to clear the boards and start the tow. Iron caulk with a narrow blade to introduce new tow on the boards. The bucket funnel to enter the pitch in together.

Marine disease: the dreaded SCURVY

The origin of the disease was unknown

Poor food they had, made ​​easily apareciesen diseases. Scurvy was one of the best known, by the lack of vitamins , in the absence of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Aboard sunburn, frostbite, Injuries. As injuries in combat, made his life was not easy, nor long. The chances of dying were many, and the loss of arms, legs, eyes, very frequent.


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